The Biggest Gaming News For June 22, 2022

Hope you like JRPGs folks because today's news roundup is chock full of them. The two in question are Final Fantasy 16 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, both of which revealed new details and gameplay features.

Our other top stories today include the announcement of Hyenas, a new multiplayer shooter from Sega and Creative Assembly, and the news that Activision Blizzard's shareholders have overwhelmingly voted to re-elect controversial CEO Bobby Kotick to its board of directors. Let's dive right into the details.

Final Fantasy 16 Won't Be Open World, Yoshida Says

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed more details about the game in an interview, revealing lots of key features that fans were curious about. One of these little revelations is that Final Fantasy 16 won't be open-world like its predecessor, as the developers have chosen to focus on "independent area-based game design." We also learned that protagonist Clive will be the game's only playable character, and that it will be the first mainline Final Fantasy game to have a Mature rating.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct Reveals Classes, Heroes, And Ouroboros Fusion Forms

From one JRPG to another now, as Nintendo's latest Direct focused on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has revealed a bunch of interesting details about the game. The Direct showed off the game's classes, heroes, and Ouroboros Fusion Forms, and also revealed a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 season pass. This pass will give players access to a bunch of launch day goodies, but will also let players download a new story scenario that is set to launch in 2023.

Hyenas Is A New Multiplayer Shooter From Sega And Creative Assembly

Away from JRPGs now, as Sega and Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly also had a new game to show off today. Hyenas is a new, team-based multiplayer shooter that has players squad up in groups of three and compete with other teams to see who can pinch the most "pop-culture artifacts." While we didn't get to see any gameplay, the game's trailer gives us a general overview, as characters use zero-g to float across large open spaceships and utilize glue guns to create makeshift bridges.

Bobby Kotick Has Been Re-Elected To The Activision Blizzard Board Of Directors For Another Year

It's not all good news though, as Activision Blizzards shareholders have stood by controversial CEO Bobby Kotick by re-electing him to the board of directors. With a whopping 91 percent of the vote, Bobby Kotick will now sit with the rest of the board of directors despite calls for the CEO to resign amid several high-profile scandals that have arguably dragged the company's name into the mud.

Suda51 Would Want Ryan Gosling To Play Travis Touchdown In A No More Heroes Movie

We have a bit of a fun story to round things out as No More Heroes creator Suda51 has been talking about who he'd like to play Travis Touchdown if a movie adaptation were to be made. Out of all the talented actors out there who could play the anime-obsessed assassin, Suda went for Ryan Gosling, a choice that actually isn't too farfetched. Suda also revealed that he'd pick Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn to helm to project, or Takashi Miike if he was to pick a Japanese director.

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