The Biggest Gaming News For August 16, 2022

It's that time of the day again folks, the time where you catch up on the day's biggest gaming stories. You don't get much bigger than Fortnite either, as the new Dragon Ball crossover has everyone talking.

We've also got a concerning report regarding sexual harassment at Nintendo of America and the news that Astro developer Team Asobi is working on its biggest project yet. For more details, read on.

Fortnite's Dragon Ball Crossover Revealed, Lets You Throw Kamehamehas And Go Super Saiyan

Fortnite teased a Dragon Ball crossover earlier this month and boy has Epic Games delivered. A new trailer has revealed that Beerus, Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta will all be added to the game, as well as the ability to obliterate your foes with a well placed Kamehameha and go Super Saiyan. There's even a Dragon ball Adventure Island that will let you whip out a deck chair and watch the anime in-game. Unfortunately, this only lasts until tomorrow.

QA Testers Accuse Nintendo Of "Nightmare" Work Environment

Several women working as contractors for Nintendo of America have detailed their experiences of sexual harassment and a "nightmare" work environment in a new report. According to a worker called Hannah (not her real name), the studio is "really like a frat house sometimes" and even recalls one male colleague's inappropriate behaviour when he publicly explained how it's okay to be sexually attracted to Genshin Impact character Paimon despite her childlike appearance.

Astro's Playroom Studio Working On Its Biggest Project To Date

Astro's Playroom developer Team Asobi has told fans that it's currently working on its biggest project to date. PS5 owners will know that Astro Bot is mainly used to show off new hardware, having appeared in Astro's Playroom as a launch game to truly showcase the features of the DualSense controller. We don't know if the project that Team Asobi is referring to is Astro Bot related, but I certainly have my fingers crossed for a full-scale platformer.

Amy Hennig's Marvel Game Will Be Shown Off During Disney's September Showcase

Disney has announced the first ever Disney and Marvel joint showcase that will take place on September 9 next month. There's sure to be plenty of info on upcoming Disney/Marvel/Star Wars titles, but one game we do know will be there is former Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig's unannounced Marvel project. We don't know Hennig's project will star, but it is being described as a "Marvel ensemble game," fuelling rumors about a potential Fantastic Four title.

MultiVersus Dataminers Uncover Beetlejuice And Wicked Witch Voice Lines

Finally, we have some more MultiVersus news for you as two new future characters seem to have been uncovered by dataminers. It was only yesterday that we discovered that Black Adam and Stripe are coming at some point during Season 1, but now voice lines for both Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz have been found. We don't know when these characters will be added to the game's roster, but spooky season would be the perfect time for an announcement, don't you think?

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