The Batman Fans Notice Hidden Detail In The Joker’s Deleted Scene

Eagle-eyed The Batman viewers have spotted a hidden detail within the Joker's deleted scene.

The Batman might have only just released earlier this month, but Warner Bros. has already started releasing deleted scenes from the film, including a five-minute clip showing Barry Keoghan's take on the Joker. The clip shows Batman and the Joker discussing the Riddler's motives and alluding to the two having had some history before the events of the film.

Some viewers have noticed a small hidden detail within the clip. Paperclip that is. As spotted by Reddit user Carlisl3minigaming on the The Batman subreddit, when Batman hands the folder over to the Joker, it has a paperclip keeping everything held together. When Joker passes it back later in the clip, the paperclip is missing and the files are loose.

It's an incredibly small detail, but in a film as packed with them as The Batman, it's almost definitely deliberate. The implication here is that the Joker has taken the paperclip, which are often used in films as a way of picking locks. Some have taken this as a showcase of how inexperienced this version of Batman is, which makes sense seeing as it's an ongoing theme within the movie.

Although it's an interesting find, it seems unlikely that it'll end up having any importance in the future. Not only is it very unlikely that many viewers will have spotted the paperclip going missing, but it's also part of a deleted scene, which means that anyone who hasn't seen the clip will be confused as to how the Joker got it if it's followed up on in any potential sequels.

Of course, there's also the chance that it's just a production error of some kind and that we're all reading far too much into a few frames from a deleted scene. Then again, The Batman is a very detail-oriented film and a scene with one of the biggest villains of all time is one that's sure to have been fully thought out. That, and it's far more to speculate.

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