The Actor Behind GTA 5’s Trevor Couldn’t Stop Farting On Set

Steven Ogg, famous for playing Trevor in GTA 5, couldn’t stop farting behind the scenes of Rockstar’s open world game.

The news of his baneful bowels comes from The Gamer’s interview with Michael De Santa actor Ned Luke.

“Our set was very loose, pretty crazy, and a lot of fun,” Luke said. “Steven is very free with his farts. We’d give him shit about that all the time. Then after every day we worked, he would strip down to his underwear and run around the stage. He’s a freakshow.”

While that might sound like typical Trevor behaviour, Luke said the actor is actually pretty far removed from his on-screen counterpart.

“He’s so far distant from Trevor that you would not believe,” he said. “In a way, yeah. In another way, he’s not even close. Very artsy fartsy, with an emphasis on the fartsy.

“I called him a methane actor. We had this thing where we could order healthy food with a lot of stuff in it that makes you fart. He likes to eat healthy. If you see the guy, he’s jacked.”

You can see how jacked he is yourself if you check out Steven Ogg’s Instagram. Imagine those farts. Powerful.

If you’re not familiar with Trevor – one of the lead characters in the best selling entertainment product of all time – you might recognise his distinct face from his roles on The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.

If you’re still working your way up the criminal ladder, there are stranger things than farts hiding in Rockstar’s world, though. Some clever modders just found a secret UFO mission in GTA Online.

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Fingers crossed that the rumours of Liberty City coming to GTA Online in the near future are true. It’d make for a perfect excuse for any lapsed criminals to dive back into Rockstar’s online world of crime and secret farts.

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