The 10 Pokemon With The Highest HP Stats In The Original Games, Ranked

While catching Pokémon, most trainers focus heavily on speed or attack power. Even though these stats matter, the amount of HP a Pokémon can take makes the difference between winning or losing a battle.

In generation I, you can compromise and go for a Pokémon with good attack stats and good health, like Rhydon. However, if you’re looking for a Pokémon who will let you stall just long enough so you can outlast your opponent, take a look at what the original games have to offer when it comes to the toughest Pokémon to take down.

9 Kangaskhan – 105

Kangaskhan is a normal-type Pokémon that looks similar to a kangaroo, baby included! If you use Kangaskhanite, this Pokémon mega evolves into Mega Kangaskhan. In this new state, the mother doesn’t change, but the baby grows and gains new features.

In combat, this Pokémon is quick on its feet, protecting its child at all costs. Its most significant stat is HP, allowing Kangaskhan to take up to 105 hit points in damage.

8 Muk – 105

This Poison-type Pokemon evolves from Grimer after level 38. You have got to be careful with this one, as it leaks toxins everywhere he goes, instantly killing all plant life nearby. Muk being the living biohazard that it is, it’s found in heavily polluted areas, like cities and factories.

Although its body consists of wobbly purple sludge, this sticky Pokemon has 105 HP stats. These allow Muk to put out a decent battle, especially against Grass-type enemies.

7 Rhydon – 105

Rhydon is Rhyhorn’s next evolution. Its appearance resembles a mix between a rhino and a dino, with a cream-colored horn being this Pokemon main physical characteristic. At first sight, you’ll notice this Pokemon has a sturdy build, which allows him to do significant damage but also helps Rhydon protect itself.

Its armor-like body protects Rhydon from heat and physical blows, granting it with 105 HP stat. His strength is also his downside, as Rhydons can be insensitive and forgetful Pokemon.

Mewtwo is probably one of the most mysterious Pokemon in gen I, making his inclusion in any Pokemon game a huge selling point. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon, but it can Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X (a Psychic/Fighting-type) or Mega Mewtwo Y (a Psychic-type).

This Pokemon is the result of years of gene splicing and DNA engineering done to a pregnant Mew. The idea behind this was to create the ultimate Pokemon in battle, and, although it can be a mighty opponent and do a lot of damage, it only has 106 HP, which isn’t bad, but there are Pokemon out there that can endure a lot more damage.

6 Jigglypuff – 115

Jigglypuff might not be the franchise’s mascot, but it certainly won over fans with its pink rounded body and big blue eyes. This one is a Normal-type Pokemon and Igglybuff’s evolution. If you use a Moon Stone, Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff.

One of Jigglypuff’s defining characteristics is its ability to sing a soothing and mysterious melody; this song makes anyone who listens to it fall asleep. However, what most players seem to overlook is that Jigglypuff can take a few hits, having a decent amount of HP, 115 to be precise.

5 Vaporeon – 130

This water-type Pokemon has the highest HP of any of Eevee’s evolutions (130 HP) and is part of the original evolution trio, alongside Flareon and Jolteon. Vaporeon developed gills to become better suited for life in water.

Its cell composition is so similar to water that this Pokemon can melt into it. This ability allows Vaporeon to camouflage itself while swimming and is a useful trick it uses to catch its prey.

4 Lapras – 130

Lapras is a big Water and Ice-type Pokemon that resembles a Plesiosaur. Everywhere a Lapras goes, you can hear its characteristic song, which it uses to keep in touch with others of its kind.

This Pokemon has 130 HP, which makes sense considering the giant protective shell it has on its back, which he uses to ferry people across the sea. Lapras are so intelligent they seem to understand human language.

3 Wigglytuff – 140

This Pokemon is Jigglypuff’s next evolution and Igglybuff’s final form. It has 25 more HP than Jigglypuff, making Wigglytuff’s total HP up to 140. Like its predecessors, this Pokemon has pink fur, and big blue eyes, with this evolution having rabbit ears and a bean-shaped body.

Wigglytuffs can be quite moody, so much that if opponents encounter one in a bad mood, this Pokemon will inflate itself to an enormous size to intimidate them.

2 Snorlax – 160

Snorlax is an iconic Pokemon known for only waking up to eat. This big guy needs over 880 pounds of food every day; otherwise, it will not feel satisfied. Like many humans love to do, this Pokemon goes right to sleep after eating.

As harmless as they look, Snorlaxs have massive bodies, and with 1014.1 lbs, they’re the heaviest Normal-type. This Pokemon’s big body grants them 160 HP stats, allowing it to take significant damage if necessary.

1 Chansey – 250

Chansey is known for being a kindhearted Pokemon, who will share the egg it carries with injured Pokémon and people. While Chansey is not the most powerful Pokemon in Gen I, it makes sense that the Pokemon with 250 HP are the ones who work in Pokemon Centers as healers.

This Normal-type Pokemon almost became extinct due to the high demand for its egg. The egg Chansey carries is very nutritious, which is why people use it as a high-class cooking ingredient.

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