Tekken Director Says Heihachi’s Favourite Pokemon Is Pikachu

It’s a real shame that corporations guard their intellectual properties so zealously. You can’t really blame Nintendo for wanting to keep its billion-dollar egg safe, but if it just loosened the reins a teeny bit we could have a lot of cool Pokemon crossovers.

Instead, fans are forced to ask game directors just who their favorite characters would train as their favorite Pokemon. Katsuhiro Harada, game director and chief producer of the Tekken series for the past 28 years, was recently asked on Twitter "which Pokemon would be Kazuya's favorite?" The Tekken fan suggested Pikachu just for their shared electric-type moves, but Harada had a surprising response.

"Heihachi's favorite is Pikachu (slightly similar in silhouette)," wrote Harada. "Kazuya misunderstands Kirby as a type of Pokemon."

When you think about it, this sort of makes sense. Kazuya has always been too focused on training to defeat his evil father to really pay attention to Pokemon, even when it’s the biggest video game franchise in the world. Heihachi, as a successful businessman, would pay attention to world events. He probably has an idea for a Tekken crossover already formed–he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to strike up The Pokemon Company with an offer.

Meanwhile, Kazuya has captured Kirby and is holding him hostage. Someone please rescue Kirby from this electric-fisted man.

Harada should really pair up the rest of Tekken's cast with their favorite Pokemons. I'd personally put King with Litleo, Feng Wei with Mienshao, Nina with Eevee, and Bob with Snorlax.

We’re still waiting for a release date on Tekken 8, but we know it’ll be built in Unreal Engine 5. We also know that the story will center around a family feud betweek Kazuya and Jin. No word on where Heihachi is in this–maybe he's too busy talking business with Pikachu.

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