SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Expansion Revealed Along With A Console Release

It’s been nearly three years since SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising first launched on PC back in 2018, but developer Flow Fire Games isn’t done yet. A new expansion, SYNTHETIK: ULTIMATE, arrives on December 16, while Switch and Xbox One versions of the game will also launch on the same date. A PS4 version is planned for release later on.

Created by a two-man team in Berlin, SYNTHETIK is best described as a tough tactical shooter with roguelite elements utilizing a top-down approach to gun-play. Seeking to free the world from an army known as the “Machine Legion” and the Gods they follow, it offers players an enormous variety of weapons to pick from, creating a highly customized experience where experimentation is encouraged.

The game has seen several free expansions previously, and the ULTIMATE update takes things several steps further. As confirmed via a press release and YouTube trailer, this will include brand new story cutscenes, fresh music tracks, new enemy squads, weapon modifications, balancing to existing gameplay, UI improvements, and more.

Speaking further, Flow Fire Games co-founder Alexander Luck released this additional statement within their press release about SYNTHETIK’s current success, teasing even more news coming next year:

“2020 has been a great year for us with more than 200k copies of SYNTHETIK sold on PC this year alone, and we’re looking forward to an even more exciting 2021 – we will reveal more about that soon! To celebrate we’ve wrapped up a great Christmas package for the end of the year as we release the Ultimate Edition expansion for SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising for PC and it arrives on consoles as well with the release of SYNTHETIK: Ultimate! We think the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are all excellent platforms for action games, and our mission is to offer these players a fast paced shooter experience with the purity of the action seen in old-school titles, combined with the replayability of a modern roguelike.”

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is already available on Steam, but a 33% discount will be offered at launch. Pre-orders for console editions now live for Xbox One and Switch.

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