Survios on Dropping The Walking Dead Onslaught Co-Op ‘Wasn’t reaching our own standards’

Survios’ upcoming virtual reality (VR) title The Walking Dead Onslaught is one of the main videogames VRFocus is looking forward to launching later this year. In recent interviews, the developer has revealed that a planned co-op mode has been dropped leading to a lot of disappointed gamers. So much so that Survios has released a more in-depth statement regarding its decision.

Originally, The Walking Dead Onslaught had been slated for a late 2019 launch but this was pushed back so the team could build ‘an exceptional experience.’ Like most studios, those efforts haven’t been helped by the pandemic and so the decision was made to concentrate efforts on the single-player portion of the title.

“Our mission for The Walking Dead Onslaught has always been to deliver an authentic, immersive experience for fans,” Survios explains in the statement. “This includes those who have followed AMC’s groundbreaking show from the beginning, those of you who have played and loved Survios games since Raw Data, and those who just want to have a good time killing walkers in unspeakably gruesome ways. We’ve focused our attention on making key changes that make the game better from our perspective and bring us closer to realizing our goal.”

The studio goes on to outline some of the key changes that have been made to The Walking Dead Onslaught:

  1. “Enhancing how players experience elements of AMC’s The Walking Dead by including more authentic and immersive elements from the world of the show.
  2. “Refining our combat systems to deliver even more brutal, satisfying walker encounters.
  3. “Expanding Alexandria to play a much larger role in the game where players can construct buildings, upgrade and customize their arsenal, interact with characters from the show, and more.”

“Let us be clear: this was not a decision made lightly. In the end, we all agreed that simply adding the mode without the proper resources to bring it to our level of polish and quality was not something we could bring ourselves to do,” Survios continues. “It was clear to us after several rounds of internal playtesting that co-op wasn’t reaching our own standards of fun, which we have since built up with significant improvements to the campaign, combat, and a meaningful progression system that connects you to the universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.”

Even without the co-op mode The Walking Dead Onslaught is still an enticing prospect but it will inevitably be compared to The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners. VRFocus was impressed by the demo last year, hopefully, that’s been further improved upon. As further details are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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