Super Animal Royale Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Super Animal Royale, a battle royale game involving deadly little animals, is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. The game feels like Fortnite mixed with Animal Crossing, which sounds amazing. Released for Early Access in 2018, this cute battle royale game will soon be available for consoles as part of the official launch.

Battle royale games can be chaotic and hard. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will probably die pretty quickly. Super Animal Royale brings a unique twist to this though, allowing players to become gun-wielding animals in an abandoned safari park. Picture a mod in Fortnite that allows you to play as cute Animal Crossing villagers. That’s Super Animal Royale.

The game combines a top-down 2D display with classic features of battle royale games. Super Animal Royale was inspired by other popular battle royales, such as PUBG, and classic action-adventure games. As one of the murderous Super Animals, you have to battle your way through the park with 64 other players. You can choose from a wide variety of cute animals, including foxes, kittens, and bats.

How does a top-down multiplayer game work though? Super Animal Royale has a fog of war system, allowing you to sneak up on players. In top-down adventure games, you can usually see everything in the area, but with Super Animal Royale, you will have a limited field of view that can lead to stealthy and strategic moves.

Super Animal Royale has been out in Early Access for a few years and has tons of positive reviews on Steam. If you aren’t interested in playing the game on Nintendo Switch, you can check it out on Steam for free. Along with the Switch release, we can also look forward to Super Animal Royale being released for PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Stadia as part of the official 1.0 release. Cross-play will be enabled if you want to play with others on different consoles as well. Currently, there is no information on the exact release date, but we can expect it later this year.

Since Super Animal Royale is still in Early Access, but through Steam, you can purchase different content packs, like the Founder’s Edition. This pack includes new animals and cosmetics. Although the cosmetics add nothing to gameplay, who wouldn’t want to be a cute murderous animal?

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