Subnautica: Below Zero Arrives For PS, Xbox, Switch And PC On May 14

Subnautica: Below Zero, an open world survival action-adventure game developed by Unknown World Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco, will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on May 14.

The description from Bandai Namco, reads, “From the award-winning studio, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, presents the return to the world of 4546B with Subnautica: Below Zero. Dive into a freezing underwater adventure on an alien planet.

“Set one year after the original Subnautica, Below Zero challenges you to survive the icy biomes both above and below the surface. Craft tools scavenge for supplies and unravel the next chapter in the Subnautica story.”

The game, a sequel to Subnautica, which was released in 2018, primarily takes place underwater, but unlike the original, the sequel features land-based areas that can be explored in the north of the game’s world. In addition, alongside original mechanics like health, hunger and thirst, players now have a temperature gauge that is activated on land, therefore, exposure to harsh weather conditions can lead to hypothermia.

There is also a day-night cycle and dynamic weather changes, such as wind, snow, fog and hail, which can affect visibility, as well as features new gadgets like the Flashlight Helmet, the Mineral Detector, and the Booster Tank.

In each new game, players must select a difficulty mode from the following four: Survival Mode, Freedom Mode, Hardcore Mode and Creative Mode. The selection will determine the adversities that players will face. Like the original, the goal is to explore and survive environments while completing tasks that advance the game’s plot.

Subnautica: Below Zero was initially seen as a DLC pack for the first game, however, the developers decided to expand its scope and release the sequel as a standalone title. The original game had sold more than 5.23 million copies across all platforms by January 2020. It also won the Breakthrough Award and PC Game of the Year at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards, as well as Fan Favorite Indie Game at the Gamers’ Choice Awards.

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