Streamer Uses Donkey Konga Bongos With Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory

Donkey Konga’s drum controller has been used in peculiar ways over the years, but this time, it’s being utilized in the rhythm action game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts streamer Limen123 tested the unusual drum pad during a livestream after getting the set over Christmas. Later, he somehow achieved a Full Chain on one of the hardest songs in the game “Dark Domination.” That’s an impressive feat as most would have trouble with an ordinary controller!

To make it work, the 23-year-old used a MayFlash adapter that translates the GameCube input for modern systems. Limen123 was using the Nintendo Switch for this session. You can buy these adapters for pretty cheap, if you’re at all curious. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. During this stream, he had to switch between controllers for an arrow input on the selection screen. Also, he found that getting the notes in the air is impossible unless it was a straight line.

This isn’t the first time a Donkey Kong controller has been used in a different game. Back in 2017, ATwerkingYoshi proved he was the ultimate warrior as he finished Dark Souls 3 with four Donkey Konga bongo controllers. What’s even more impressive is that he beat the final boss in just over eight minutes. While Nintendo would certainly not approve of the streamer’s name, we can acknowledge how grand of a feat beating DS3 is with this bizarre set up.

However, the oddities don’t end there. A popular Kingdom Hearts content creator SarahKey defeated Sephiroth with a dance pad. She wasn’t even using her hands while taking down this infamous boss. In order to do it, she relegated the difficulty down to Beginner and leveled Sora all the way up to 99 before attempting to face the One-Winged Angel.

It’s quite amazing what the gaming community can do, when they put their minds to it. One of the coolest Twitch moments is when the chat played Pokemon by inputting commands. It was quite often rocky, but eventually, the community beat the Elite Four and claimed victory. They’ve since plowed through all of the games in the series.

We challenge streamers to finish the Kingdom Hearts series with the Donkey Konga bongos. That’s obviously the next step, right? Are you up for it?

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