Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: How To Defeat Ur-Dragon King

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a wide repertoire of bosses, amongst which, of course, there is a dragon: Behemoth. But do not think for a second that he is your average boss battle dragon, as this one is the king of them all. Prepare to charge into battle with a boss so dramatic he switches names between phases.

As you may have already guessed, names are not the only thing he will be switching around. Behemoth have you dodging and blocking both melee, ranged, and magic attacks all the way through this fight. Do you think you have what it takes to beat both Behemoth and Ur-Dragon King? Let this guide help you get through it.

Where to find Ur-Dragon King?

You can find The Ur-Dragon King in the final room of Vigilia Court during the main mission: Remembering Home.

Pre Battle Strategy

Behemoth is highly aggressive, so you will want to equip a job that can use magic to recover HP, like Sage. You will be dodging a lot, so throw in some Hastaga spells to make you faster.

Healing Strategy

It may not come as a surprise, but Behemoth is no laughing matter. He can inflict loads of damage, so make sure you have a strategy to heal your party.

HP Recovery MeansDescription
Curaga (White Mage)Restores major HP to one or all allies.
Raise (White Mage)Revives fallen allies.
Regenga (White Mage / Red Mage)Recover HP and refill your break gauge at the cost of MP.

Best Team Composition

Your best companions for this battle are Ash as Tyrant, to ensure he deals some melee damage and Neon as Red Mage, to make sure she can recover some HP for the group.

Ur-Dragon King: Phase One (Behemoth)

Attack nameDescriptionCounterattack
RushIt charges ahead, trampling all foes in its path.Dodge to the side.
Tail AttackIt whips its tail about, inflicting damage on foes within melee range.Fall back and stay away.
HeaveIt hits with its horns on top of its head, pushing adversaries back.Dodge to the side.
CometIt summons a comet, which, after some wait, arrives on your position.Keep your eyes peeled and dodge the comet.
MeteorIt summons a swarm of meteors that converge on your position.Keep dodging until the attack is over.
LightningIt surrounds itself with lightning, inflicting damage on opponents in its path.Stay away for a while.

Behemoth will resort to his "Rush" ability a lot. This is dangerous but also an opportunity to land a couple of blows because it is a big attack. If it's you are too far away, it will be hard to track it and dodge it, so once you confirm the activation, you can get a little closer and dodge it sideways without getting hit.

He is also very keen on strong frontal attacks, so stick to his sides. This is an almost 100 percent safe strategy, but be wary of the tail attacks. Behemoth's "Comet" can be absorbed as an instant ability by activating Soul Shield. You can use it only once, but if you hit his head, he will be staggered.

Ur-Dragon King: Phase Two

Attack nameDescriptionCounterattack
Crystal AttackIt unleashes a crystal-based assault in a line in front of it.Dodge to the side.
SoulshotIt fires a shard of crystal from its wings, inflicting damage on opponents in its path.Dodge to the side.
SoulpillarIt lifts its forelegs and steps on them to perform a melee-ranged AoE strike.Fall back and stay away.
MegaflareIt charges for a few seconds before launching a beam shot from its mouth.Interrupt this attack.

When the Behemoth's HP is reduced to less than half, it switches to the Ur-Dragon King mode, extending his attack range. The good news is that attack speed is slowed down, and attacking the limbs and head staggers him, so it is recommended to stand at a shorter distance now.

When the Behemoth's health drops, it activates a red Megaflare. After accumulating for a certain period of time, it will do a large attack of unavoidable damage, so hurry up and interrupt it.

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