Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: How To Defeat Chaos Advent

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin brings a new story about Jack, a mysterious man with no memories that only wants to kill Chaos. On a journey as dark as his, you will have to explore different places, full of monsters, treasures, and huge boss battles.

One of those bosses is Chaos Advent, which is, in fact, the first boss that you will face in this game. This mysterious adversary looks like the foe Jack has been looking for, although it may seem to hide something under that armor. Here's everything you need to know to find and defeat him.

Where To Find Chaos Advent?

Chaos Advent acts as the boss of the Chaos Shrine zone. Being the very first level in the game, this place serves as the proper introduction to real combat outside tutorials, and you will have to face pretty minor enemies at this point, so you should get your bearings and practice or level up as much as you need. This place is separated into five subsections called Temple of the Dead, Corridor of Fools, Shrine of Bygone Light, Pathway to Rebellion, and Tower of Fate.

When you arrive at the boss chamber, a cutscene will occur and the encounter will begin. This fight will be divided into two phases, each one with Chaos Advent using different techniques until you defeat him.

Chaos Advent Boss Battle Phase One

As the fight begins, Chaos Advent will charge at you, so you need to be fast and dodge or parry. During this phase, he will use several sword attacks that involve swift slashes, plunging attacks that shorten the distance between him and your character, and the following elemental spells:

  • Ice Shards: Chaos Advent will jump back and shoot several Ice Shards in an arch, staggering you and dealing Ice damage.
  • Blaze: Chaos Advent will shoot Fire projectiles at you or your teammates, and you can absorb and throw them back at him using the Soul Shield.
  • Firebringer: Chaos Advent will apply Fire element to his sword, dealing more damage for a limited time.
  • Inferno: An AoE attack that will knock you back and inflict massive Fire damage.

Dodging is more recommended than parrying during this phase, since the timing of his moves is easily readable, and it will leave you in a better position to attack Chaos Advent from behind. Be patient and deplete the first HP bar until he gets staggered and a prompt appears, leading to the next phase.

Chaos Advent Boss Battle Phase Two

Once you triggered the mini-cutscene that kickstart this phase, Chaos Advent will recover and start fighting more aggressively, using multiple, faster attacks in succession, prompting you to pay even more attention to dodging. While he still uses some attacks from Phase One, his elemental techniques will change to the following:

  • Firey Hold: Chaos will charge at you and hold you in a short animation, after which he'll inflict massive damage. This attack can not be blocked, so be sure to dodge in time.
  • Ice Sword: Chaos Advent will apply Ice element to his sword, dealing more damage for a limited time.
  • Blizzaga: An AoE attack that will knock you back and inflict massive Ice damage.
  • Chaosbringer: An AoE attack that will inflict massive damage, be sure to evade in time.

Best Team Compositions

At this point in the game, your only party members are Jed and Ash, so obviously there isn't too much room for experimentation on the team composition. Just make sure you're using the best equipment you have on each member, and the fight should go smooth.

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