Steelrising: Montmartre Part 1, The Suspended Workshop Walkthrough

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We are entering into the endgame now, people. With Montmarte, we are in the last new area of Steelrising. Montmarte is best known for being a mess of caverns and tunnels, but before you can get to that, you will need to get the elevator up and running. Which turns out may be a touch trickier than it sounds.

Related: Steelrising: How To Beat The Treasurer Of Les InvalidesYou will be fighting through a mining village, sorting through outbuildings, and battling some beefed-up versions of familiar Automats. We'll take you through the side areas, and point you in the direction of all the most valuable treasures.

Royal Gypsum Quarry

You start off in the Farms and Vinyards section. Circle around the opening area, and grab the items scattered around the buildings. You should find an Essence of the Noble Spirit and some oil vials. Now head toward the clearing. Before you get too far, take a right. You will enter into a little side-area. There will be a Spider Automat and a Ram-Using Automat. The Ram-Wielding Automat is a variant of the Forger, but with fewer moves.

As for the Spider Automat, just remember that when you see them you are going to want to take them out first. Otherwise, you will have to double the amount of damage you do. You don't need that grief in your life, just take the Spider Automats out before dealing with the other enemies.

After you take out all the Automats, you are going to want to turn the corner and open up the chest to grab the Grade 3 Flame Resistance Module as well as the Flame Resistance Vials. Now, close to that chest, there is a platform above that you can grapple up to. Do so and you will find some Cast Iron as well as the extremely useful Bismuth Block. From here you should be able to see an item on top of a platform across from you. Air dash to that platform and get the Frost Grenades.

Now, there will be two Ram Using Automats wandering around. Just take them out and make your life easier, instead of trying to avoid them, making a misstep, and getting double-teamed. Once you clear them out, head into the giant log building, grab the grenades on the second floor, but be careful, there is an Automat on your right playing dead.

From the second floor, hop up to the platform that is dangling from above, there are some Flame Grenades to grab up here. Hop down, grab the essence of the Revolutionary Spirit, then grapple hook back up again. Now, jump up to the cliff above, and you will be in the Suspended Workshop.

The Suspended Workshop

Once you climb up, you should start by climbing the pile of rocks on your right. From there, jump onto the higher suspended platform, and then you can air dash over the top of the tower with the ladder. There is a Warrior's Spirit up here. Now, hop down and climb the nearby stairs to activate the Vestal. You can smash some barrels in this area to find some vials, and grapple up to grab some grenades, but there isn't much going on here.

Now, go back down the stairs and take a left. You will stumble across the elevator, but it won't be operational at this time. Enter the first building on your right. Take out the Automat and grab the grenades. Now, take another right out of that shack, and you will be fighting a Ram-Using Automat fighting alongside a new variation of the Spider Automat.

This new Spider Automat is very different from its shield-generating cousin. This one is able to counterattack you, and they have a projectile attack. However, at least they can't buff their companions, so they aren't as much a priority. Though, when possible, you are going to want to take them out so that they don't snipe you.

The first floor of the nearby building is empty, so you are going to want to grapple up to the second floor. Here there is another Gun-toting Spider Automat, with a Pickaxe-Wielding Automat. Once you take them out, grab the grenades, then jump across the platforms until you are on the other structure. The is another one of those Gun-Toting Spider Automats, but this time they're accompanied by a Butcher-Type Automat. Be warned, while the Butcher Automat is the same in nearly every way, they seem to hit WAY harder here. A single hit may take you to the edge of your life (just look at the damage he did in the picture below).

Once you clear those two out, go to the first level of the building next to them and grab the Noble Spirit from the corpse then, on the top floor, jump down and fight the Ram-Wielding Automat who will be accompanied by both types of Spider Automat. As is always the drill, take out the shield generator first, then worry about the others. You can escape into the nearby structure, which is hard for the Ram-wielding Automat to enter (though they will eventually work it out), this is a great way to separate those Spider Automats from their bigger buddy.

Once you have cleared them all out, enter the room (if you didn't already in order to separate the Spider from the Ram-Wielder) and start the engine. Then, go to the top floor and open the doors. This will take you right to the Vestal. Now, simply travel to the elevator to the left of the Vestal, and pull the lever. You can open up those golden gates, which lead back to the Royal Gypsum Quarry from the beginning.

From inside the elevator, take a left and hop down into the area below. Here you will fight another Ram-Wielding Automat. There is a downed Automat in the corner, they have a few Flame Resistance Vials. There is an Automat guarding them, though, so take them out first. Now, from here, the only thing left to do is enter into the twisting tunnels of The Grande-Voie. But that is an area covered in another guide.

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