Star Wars Squadrons Won’t Be Getting New Maps, Ships, Or DLC

With most releases, it is expected for developers to provide gamers with a slew of post-launch content, in the form of DLCs, expansion packs, and general updates. However, it appears as if Star Wars: Squadrons won’t be yielding to market demands, and will indefinitely stand as a ‘what you see is what you get’ title.

Speaking to UploadVR, Star Wars: Squadrons creative director Ian Frazier confirmed that EA has no plans to provide further content within the space combat game, designed to remain a “self-contained” title. Frazier elaborated on EA’s “old-school approach” when it came to additional content, stating its aversion to deceiving players into thinking a game is complete, only to trickle out more content down the line. Frazier’s message was clear to the gaming community, reaffirming that the game’s value and total completion would be contained within the title’s launch price tag.

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EA may be falling to the dark side in the minds of Squadrons pilots, however Frazier did offer a bit of optimism to the situation by stating “never say never.” He clarified EA’s decision by confirming that the publisher (and developer) didn’t want Star Wars: Squadrons to become a live service game. Frazier also touched on the decision to keep Squadrons within the inner confines of Yavin Prime, establishing a distinction from Star Wars: Battlefront. Learning that the future of Squadrons would stay relatively confined left UploadVR’s senior editor David Jagneaux a little deflated.

Operating within a strict budget, EA’s modus operandi appeared pretty concrete from the beginning, as the company still has no intention to expand Squadrons in any shape or form. The rigid content cancels out any hopes of seeing alternative gameplay, such as terrestrial exploration or dogfights within Yavin Prime. Squadrons has already received criticism relating to the minimal amount of maps and modes on offer to the virtual pilots, who crave more settings to navigate their starfighter through.

A VR port also surfaced within UploadVR’s interview, as a last effort to coax out some promise of expansion. Sadly, Frazier shot down any whisper of a VR port, which could have been the saving grace for adventurous pilots. The lack of VR port doesn’t completely take this idea off the table, however, as many players have used Squadrons VR support to link their Oculus Quest to their PC in order to experience gameplay more vividly.

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