Squirrel With A Gun Is Now Available To Wishlist On Steam With A New Trailer

Earlier in May, we got our first look at Squirrel with a Gun, a new game in Unreal Engine 5 coming from New York developer Dan DeEntremont. Several teasers posted to social media were little more than tech demos showcasing the game’s ragdoll physics, a few fancy gun mechanics, and of course, our heavily-armed rodent hero.

Several months later, Dan DeEntremont has returned with an actual trailer that shows how Squirrel with a Gun is shaping up. The game will be a sandbox action platformer where you can run around a tranquil neighborhood as a squirrel with its titular gun. You can even use that gun to terrorize the populace and steal their cell phones.

The trailer actually shows a lot of the game’s mechanics in action. Besides mugging random civilians to steal their stuff, you can perform forward flips to cross gaps or use your gun’s recoil to further launch yourself into the air. Taking down enemy agents can involve blasting with your gun or doing a cool takedown where you slap ‘em with your tail to knock ‘em down and then blast them from above with your submachine gun.

It seems like the trailer might also be hinting at a story. There’s a level where the squirrel seems to be in a laboratory experiment room where it’s being tasked with retrieving a glowing acorn. Then there’s a warehouse where the floor is lava and the squirrel is trying to escape. Perhaps our furry protagonist is an escape science experiment willing and able to achieve freedom at gunpoint?

You can also customize your squirrel with accouterments. The trailer revealed a squirrel with an eyepatch and a beret, but surely there will be more by the time Squirrel with a Gun releases.

We don't know when that'll be, mind you, as DeEntremont answers that with "good question!" on Squirrel with a Gun's Steam page. But you can wishlist it now to be informed as soon as the game becomes available for pre-order.

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