Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition Now Available For PS5

So, you’re one of the fortunate ones who have managed to acquire a PlayStation 5, and now you need games. Not just any game, but a beautiful game that will display the console’s 4K graphics abilities in glorious detail.

You’ll be glad to know video game developer Infuse Studio and publisher Merge Games recently announced the digital release for Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition, with the physical release currently scheduled for December 4.

Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition is available now to download from the PlayStation Store for $24.99. There is also the Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition – Signature Edition available to preorder from Signature Edition Games for $49.99, along with the Standard Edition for $34.99. And you can still get Spirit of the North for PS4 from the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

ICYMI, Spirit of the North is the 2019 hit exploration, discovery, and puzzle-solving game from Raleigh, NC-based two-person Infuse Studio. You are placed in the role of a common red fox living in a pristinely-beautiful region of Iceland, with no in-game narrative or dialogue to spoil the immersion. You soon encounter The Guardian of the Northern Lights, a magical spirit fox, who leads and guides you on an epic adventure into ancient Nordic folklore to search for and find an ancient lost civilization.

Spirit’s gameplay features lots of exploring, made all the more pleasurable with the game’s wonderful scenery. The Guardian will occasionally bestow upon you the gift of blue glowing energy, which you can use to solve environmental puzzles, or use to do feats of magic, such as dashing while in mid-air to leap great distances across rivers and chasms. Harmoniously supporting and enriching your adventure are 14 original orchestral soundtrack compositions, which are great to listen to outside of the game. You can read TheGamer’s official PS4 review of the game here.

The Signature Edition seems like the better way to go, if you have the funds for it. It features two limited-edition enamel pins, a numbered collector’s certificate of ownership, a 36-page art and lore booklet, a “Sierra” box with foam insert, and an outer sleeve featuring alternative artwork.

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