Spider-Man Remastered First-Person Mod Is Out Now For Those With An Iron Stomach

The first-person mod for Spider-Man Remastered we covered several months ago has now been released. The Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered first-person mod for PC is now available to download for those brave enough to try it.

While Insomniac Games did an excellent job with Marvel's Spider-Man, the game was in third-person. It makes sense in terms of limiting motion sickness, but now, for those with with a strong sense of balance and feel no fear of heights or rapid motion, a very accomplished mod has arrived that perhaps provides the most realistic recreation yet of what seeing through Spider-Man's eyes would be like.

The mod comes courtesy of serial modder and Spider-Man fan jedijosh920 who has created many modifications for these games, which includes the Miles Morales title. It's a great answer to the question: "what would realistic first-person web swinging look like in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?"

Jedijosh920 announced his mod's release alongside a YouTube video of what it looks like in action (above). As you might expect, the action is rapid, giving a better idea of just how fast Spider-Man is zipping around NYC as he swings from building to building. Of course Spidey has a superhero's sense of balance and body control meaning he wouldn't feel out of sorts at all while acrobatically moving through the air at speed. But old regular people might need an iron stomach to handle this first-person perspective.

The 'Marvel's Spider-Man: First Person' mod is currently only available through jedijosh920's Patreon but it looks like it'll eventually be released for free since there is the following disclaimer: "All of my released items are FREE. Exclusives are meant to be Early Access or Unreleased, and may be released in the future. You are a Patron to help support the channel and my future creations. All exclusives do not touch or modify any game assets or game files, they use my own personal code and are universal."

This is by no means a guarantee that the first-person mod will be available for free in the future, and jedijosh920 expends considerable time and efforts to create all these mods, so do consider supporting if you want to give this particular mod a try. You can find his Patreon here.

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