Spider-Man: Miles Morales Mod Adds The Leap Of Faith Suit From Spider-Verse

One Spider-Man: Miles Morales modder has done god's work and added the "Leap of Faith" suit from Into the Spider-Verse, finally giving Miles a decent pair of kicks.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales launched on PC earlier this month and, just as they did when Spider-Man launched in the Summer, modders have taken to it incredibly well. There are a ton of different mods available, ranging from some that just change the colour of Miles' suits to one that lets him swap his camouflage for a Symbiote suit, but there's one that stands out above the rest. Or would that be leaps out?

That's right, NexusMods modder EliKajiwara has done what we were all hoping for and added Miles Morales' all-time best outfit, the Leap of Faith suit from Into the Spider-Verse. Although Spider-Man: Miles Morales does include an Into the Spider-Verse suit (it had to really, come on), it's the final version of the suit that Miles wears when he's accepted himself as Spider-Man.

As great as it was seeing Miles realise his true potential and wear the mask properly, the Leap of Faith scene is so iconic to Spider-Verse that it's generally regarded as the signature Miles outfit, and the perfect middle ground between his superhero costume and casual clothes. Unfortunately, it didn't appear in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, despite some sort of variant of it appearing on the front of the official art book.

Thanks to EliKajiwara, Spider-Verse fans can now properly recreate the Leap of Faith scene with the proper outfit. The mod uses the game's Spider-Verse suit as a base, and then adds the hoodie, coat, and Jordans. It's a very impressive recreation of the movie outfit and basically looks like what Insomniac would have made.

The Jordans are the most impressive part of the mod, especially considering they're likely the reason why the suit didn't appear in the game. Miles has his own brand of Adidas sneakers for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, so some have speculated that the Leap of Faith suit didn't make it into the game for licensing reasons, supported by the lack of a tick on the art book cover.

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