Soul Hackers 2: How To Defeat Zenon And Iron Mask

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We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later — you'll eventually be in for a showdown with Zenon and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2. Considering your three allies died because of these guys, they're understandably going to want to get some payback.

You encounter them twice in battle, first in Subway Line 14 and then again in Ozaki Hope Towers, though the first battle doesn't last long. Here's everything you need to know about both bosses and all the special moves and affinities to watch out for.

Affinities And Weaknesses

Summoner Iron MaskDivine Power

(Second Encounter Only)

Fairy Silky

(Second Encounter Only)

Snake Vouivre

(Second Encounter Only)


We have not included Zenon's stats here as they change.

Enemy Movesets

Summoner Iron Mask

OrderPicks a target for Zenon to concentrate on.
Dual ShotGunfire attack to one person.
Stun GrenadeRuin damage to all party members.
Summon (Second Encounter Only)Summons one of three demons.

Zoma Zenon

Servitor's Shield

First Encounter Only

All attacks lose their effect.

First Encounter Only

Force damage to all enemies.

First Encounter Only

Ice damage to all enemies.

First Encounter Only

Fire damage to all enemies.

First Encounter Only

Electric damage to all enemies.
Contract's WardFirst Encounter: Attacks sharply increase and attacks lose all effect.

Second Encounter: Affinity resistances change.

Vengeful LoyaltyA counterattack that seals the target. Zenon uses this when you attack Iron Mask.
Greedy ClawsSevere gunfire to ordered target and heals Zenon.
[Elemental] LoyaltyElemental damage to all party members.
Feral Focus

Second Encounter Only

Stacks will be devoured this turn.

Divine Power (Second Encounter Only)

Abyssal VeilWeaknesses guarded for one enemy.
Blast ArrowPhysical attack to the entire party.
AttackPhysical attack to one person.

Fairy Silky (Second Encounter Only)

MediaRestores some HP of all enemies.
BufulaIce attack to one person.
DiaramaRestores HP of one enemy.

Snake Vouivre (Second Encounter Only)

AgilaoFire damage to one enemy.
ConcentrateBoosts next magical attack.
Demonic GazeRuin damage to one enemy and can inflict Dread.

First Encounter Battle Strategy (Subway Line 14)

Your first battle with Zenon and Iron Mask is in Subway Line 14, but it will be short-lived.

The only important thing to know is that Zenon will open with Servitor's Shield, making Iron Mask block all attacks. Zenon has no weaknesses, to begin with, and once he reaches about 90 percent HP, he'll use Contract's Ward and all attacks against him become ineffective too.

You'll have no choice but just to continue trying and failing, but after a couple of turns, the battle will end.

Second Encounter Battle Strategy (Ozaki Hope Towers)

You'll need a versatile team in order to tackle this battle, as Zenon's affinities will continue to change throughout the fight. Make sure you have decent demons equipped, but also some good ones in reserve to switch to as needed.

As always, have a dedicated healer and keep some consumables on hand just in case you need them.

In the first turn, Zenon is weak to everything, so make the most of it. However, the first thing he will do is use Contract's Ward, which will change his current affinities. Zenon will periodically use this ability, and each time he does, his affinities will change.

The first thing Iron Mask will do is to summon Divine Power, and on subsequent turns, he will summon his other two demons — Fairy Silky and Snake Vouivre.

You'll need to pay attention to Zenon's affinities to ensure you're doing the maximum damage each turn, and those pesky adds and Iron Mask can prove to be a problem if left unchecked, especially on higher difficulties.

Divine Power is one you'll likely want to defeat as its Abyssal Veil can be frustrating in removing Iron Mask's weakness.

We recommend defeating Zenon first and targetting him alone to avoid Feral Loyalty, if you can. Once he's gone, you can attack Iron Mask without the added counterattacks.

If the adds prove problematic and you need to take them out, you might have to make the most of AoE attacks to hit all the enemies in one go, and this means putting up with Feral Loyalty, so make sure you have a dedicated healer on hand.

If Iron Mask falls, you still need to defeat Zenon and vice versa, but it does not matter if any demons are still alive when both Zenon and Iron Mask are defeated.

Defeating Zenon and Iron Mask will unlock the 'Comeback Gambit' achievement/trophy.

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