Soul Hackers 2: How To Defeat Ash In Ozaki Hope Towers

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During your visit to Ozaki Hope Towers in Soul Hackers 2, you'll come across more than one familiar face in battle. First up is Ash, Saizo's old flame, and once again, you'll need to get past her before you can reach your true target.

This battle will be familiar to you as you've already fought her before, but she has a few tricks and demons up her sleeve, so we're going to cover everything you need to know right here, including strategy and weaknesses and affinities.

Affinities And Weaknesses

AshNight LilimVile PazuzuBeast InugamiDrake Basilisk

Enemy Movesets


AttackGunfire attack to one party member.
Flame ShotFire attack to one party member.
BlackoutGunfire attack to all party members.
SummonSummons one of her two demons.
AccelerateIncreases Ash's action count by one.
Ashes to AshesSevere Almighty attack to one party member that can increase ailment damage if they are afflicted.
Spellproof WallRepels magic attacks for entire enemy party.
OverloadAttack and ailment success increased for one enemy, defense down for Ash.

Vile Pazuzu

Miasma BreathMiasma floods the area and damages every party member at the end of your party turn.
Wind BreathForce damage to multiple party members.
ZandyneForce damage to one party member.

Beast Inugami

BlightRuin damage to all that can inflict Poison.
AttackPhysical attack to one party member.

Night Lilim

Bewitching GazeRuin attack to one party member and can inflict Daze.
FrolicRuin attack to all party members that can inflict Daze.

Drake Basilisk

Demonic GazeRuin attack to one party member and can inflict Dread.

Battle Strategy

As always, go in prepared. Use the tables above to identify enemy weaknesses and prepare your team with the best possible demons.

This battle has a lot of status ailments involved, so go in with a dedicated healer and be prepared to fix up any pesky afflictions with items as well.

Ash starts the fight with Vile Pazuzu at her side. On its first turn, Pazuzu will use Miasma Breath, which is an annoying move that creates miasma in the area that will continue to damage your entire party every time your party's turn ends.

Defeating Pazuzu will clear the miasma, so you'll likely want to focus on this add first on higher difficulties to avoid taking too much damage each turn.

Unlike your last battle, Ash will use Accelerate and Ashes to Ashes from the get-go — so watch out for both of these.

At about 70 percent health, she'll say that she's about to get serious. This is where she will summon Night Lilim and Beast Inugami and begin to use some additional moves — Spellproof Wall and Overload. Both of these adds can inflict status ailments, as can Drake Basilisk, which she can summon from here on out too.

With Overload increasing the chance of your enemy inflicting status ailments, ailment spam-happy adds, and Ashes to Ashes increasing the damage of those afflicted by ailments, this can quickly become a tough battle on higher difficulties.

Make sure you have a dedicated healer, remove ailments as soon as possible with skills or items, and kill the adds as needed. Utilizing AoE attacks to hit Ash and her demons and stack up for a nice Sabbath is a great way to whittle down everyone's HP in one go.

Once the end is in sight, just focus on Ash as once she's down, the battle will end regardless of whether she has any demons left.

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