Sony Offers Workaround For PS5 Queued For Download Bug

PS5 is now available across the globe, but some users are running into a few hiccups when downloading games to their new consoles. Thankfully, Sony has a simple fix for anyone encountering the dreaded “Queued for Download” and “View Details” bug.

The company sent out a short PSA detailing the fix:

Although we don’t know if it’ll work for everyone, plenty of owners in the comment section claim the process worked for them. The first step of the workaround is updating your system software – something you’re all probably familiar with. But launching your PS5 in safe mode and rebuilding the database is a bit more involved. Here’s how it works:

  • Turn on your console and hold down the power button
  • Release the button after you hear the second beep (this takes about seven seconds)
  • You’ll know be in the safe mode screen. From here, choose “rebuild the database”

Rebuilding the database scans through your drive and forms a new database of all the content on your PS5. It’s typically used for players experiencing weird frame rate drops and freezing – but seems to do the trick for the download bug, as well. Most of your save data should survive the process, although we’d recommend making a backup of anything you don’t want to lose.

Before this fix, players were resorting to factory resets. This method worked, but deleted everything on the system in the process. You’ll know right away if the bug is impacting you – anything you try downloading will be stuck in your queue and provide you with a “queued for download” or “view details” message. In fact, we’ve seen the issue firsthand here at TheGamer.

For now, this is your best shot at solving the problem. Sony should hopefully patch out the issue at a later date, but it’s good to know you have options if affected. PS5 is off to a strong start, putting up impressive numbers during comparison videos with Series X, and it offers one of the strongest launch lineups in gaming history. No doubt this bug is a blemish on Sony’s record, but we’re glad to see a simple workaround has already been discovered.

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