Sony Is Considering Tracking Gameplay In Order To Crowdsource Guides

Sony has made it a mission to ensure that players struggling with any game get the help and guidance they need. The company has patented a number of functionalities aimed at simplifying gameplay or directing players in the right direction. The patents also suggest that Sony wants to do so without the player having to refer to a third party source.

As spotted by GameRant, the latest of these patents suggests a technology that would collect gameplay data from a number of players of a particular game and compile a guide or walkthrough for those who need it. The AI would essentially track the progress and inputs of various players and crowdsource a guide from the collected data.

Additionally, the patented technology would also let players know if they’re ready to take on a particular task in a game. It’s unclear how that will be gauged, whether by assessing the player’s skill level, or by informing them that their in-game character needs some upgrades. There has been no mention of whether this technology will be based on an ‘opt-in’ system, or will just collect data from everyone. Considering that the public is a bit more careful with their data nowadays, it seems unlikely that Sony will force it upon everyone.

The use case scenario for such a technology seems pretty limited, however. Considering the number of games that let you play how you want, or adapt to the way you play, crowdsourcing a guide based on gameplay and inputs seems like it would be quite a task. For instance, an Assassin’s Creed game allows you the option of stealth or all-out combat. The open world also gives you a plethora of options to approach your objective. If the AI creates a guide based on the most commonly used solution, you may not get to play the game in the manner you prefer.

Sony’s most recent patent was for a technology that would help players improve their skills, especially when it came to timing and reflex based gameplay. The technology would gauge a player’s skill based on the initial sequences and increase latency in sequences where they appear to struggle. As the player progresses in terms of skill, the AI would automatically drop the latency.

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