Sonic Frontiers Reveal Could Mean Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leak Was Real

If you sat through The Game Awards from start to finish last week then well done you. From the start of the preshow to the end of the event, the runtime was three and a half hours. Even if every reveal and trailer had been a jaw-dropper that's a very long time. When those trailers have ads sprinkled in and Geoff Keighley racing through award winner announcements as if the show isn't really about game awards at all, it's a marathon.

There was a lot of good stuff in there of course. A first look at some fantastic gameplay from Suicide Squad, the announcement of an all-new Star Wars game, and the reveal of Sonic Frontiers. An open-world Sonic game that gives off some serious Breath of the Wild vibes. What you didn't probably realize in the moment is that confirmation of the game's name and setting may have confirmed there will be a Super Mario Odyssey sequel.

Most people know to steer clear of 4chan when it comes to leaks. That's why when someone said Sega was working on a new Sonic game called Frontiers set in Starfall Islands on 4chan back in 2019, no one took it very seriously. Here we are in 2021, about to turn the final corner into 2022, and Sega just announced a new Sonic game, called Frontiers, set in the Starfall Islands.

That post has been dug up and all of a sudden, people are paying attention. The name Frontiers has been out in the Sonic ether for a while, so that correct prediction could be down to guesswork. Although do bear in mind this post is over two years old at this point. Starfall Islands, on the other hand, that would have required some inside knowledge. However, the main reason those who recalled this post have gone back and found it following Frontiers' reveal is because it also claimed to have information about a still-unannounced Super Mario Odyssey sequel.

The original post, which you can check out above, claims Super Mario Odyssey 2 will include Luigi and introduce 20 new locations to the series. All pretty plausible, and now somewhat believable following the confirmation that the poster was correct across the board on the Sonic front. This hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo, of course, plus, a reminder that the post is two years old. Even if Nintendo was working on Super Mario Odyssey 2 in 2019, it might have scrapped the project or drastically changed it since then.

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