Sonic Frontiers’ Green Hill Zone Copies The Level Design From Sonic Unleashed’s Tutorial

Sonic Frontiers' cyberspace version of Green Hill Zone seems to have copied the level design of Sonic Unleashed's tutorial level.

Sonic Frontiers is currently playable on the show floor of Gamescom, which means that Sonic fans have been able to get their hands on it and record footage unobstructed for the first time. One of the levels that's playable at Gamescom is the cyberspace version of Green Hill Zone, although Twitter user mikesterp1 has noticed that it copies the level design from Sonic Unleashed's tutorial level.

In a video comparing the two levels, mikesterp1 points out that it's "the exact same level design" found in Frontiers as was featured in Sonic Unleashed. Watching the comparison shows that the two designs are indeed very similar, with one large stretch of running to begin with that ends with a ramp, followed by a loop de loop, then followed by a quick platforming section, and finally some more boosting with some rails before running into the end goal.

Although some fans have tried to explain this away by saying that Cyberspace levels are based on Sonic's memories, that doesn't quite make sense here considering it's taking place in Green Hill Zone and not Windmill Isle, something that can't really be proven or disproven until we see another cyberspace level and see if it follows the same format.

Unless one of the points of Cyberspace levels is that it mixes a few levels together to create something new, it seems more likely that Sonic Team has simply reused the level design from Unleashed for this Green Hill Zone, which would make some sense considering this is likely an early-game mission and might also act as a tutorial of sorts.

If that theory does prove to be true, it might still not sit well with Sonic fans. As pointed out by a Twitter user, Sonic Generations also had levels that were based on Sonic's memories, but still had completely new level designs instead of reusing the ones from the levels themselves.

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