Something Will Hatch From Fall Guys’ Golden Eggs

If you think Egg Scramble is one of the most boring game modes in Fall Guys, there could be something coming that will change your mind.

Eggs! They’re good for eating. You can cook them loads of different ways, and they’re a great way to get that protein count up. But what else do eggs do? They hatch. Exactly.

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the eggs in Fall Guys: Egg Scramble? We might be getting an answer sooner than you think. TG recently got a chance to interview Mediatonic about Fall Guys, and we wasted that chance entirely by asking a load of idiotic questions. Luckily for us, the developer threw us a bone. Or an egg.

When we asked how Fall Guys are birthed into the world, we were told that they just appear, full-formed. See, we always assumed that they spawned from the eggs. It turns out they don’t, but something does.

“There is something that spawns from those eggs, but we haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet,” lead game designer Joe Walsh told us.

But what could that thing be? A later question in our interview asked if Fall Guys have any natural predators. “I’ll just say that whatever hatches from those golden eggs isn’t likely to be pleased about being thrown around that much,” Walsh replied.

Fall Guys Season 2 is releasing on October 6 and it’s medieval-themed. We all know what that means, don’t we? Dragons. Dragons are going to spawn from those eggs and chase you around, setting fire to your squishy bean butt. Mark my words.

It’s the only thing that makes sense for the castle ramparts, drawbridges, knight costumes, and wizard robes of Fall Guys Season 2.

Mediatonic might have been taken by surprise at the steamrolling success of its bean-based battle royale game, but it’s doing a great job of keeping players invested with fresh content to look forward to. From cross-promo skins to new stages, Fall Guys seems like it’s planning for a marathon, not a sprint.

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