Someone Made A Batman Trailer In GTA 5

A GTA 5 fan has dedicated his time to creating an impressively atmospheric Batman movie trailer in GTA 5, complete with voiceovers, dramatically moody music, and the dark doom-and-gloom style that has become the series' signature.

'A Trailer for my GTA Batman Movie' is the title of the Reddit thread where this mini masterpiece can be found. The two-minute trailer shows an evident amount of skill in not only using gameplay footage, but trailer editing as the rhythm of the cuts closely models the modern style of Batman movie trailers.

The creator in question is called Jodeci on Reddit or Kenneth Nebula on their YouTube channel, which features a number of Batman/GTA mashups. But it appears their latest is exclusive to the hallowed online halls of Reddit so far, to which you can go to watch the 1:57 of GTA Batman hijinks.

Great consideration and care has been put into the trailer. We see the spotlit Warner Bros. logo before we cut to an overhead shot of a police motobike tracing a winding route in the night's darkness, scanning the way ahead with its dim lights. The policeman runs towards something. We get medium shots, close-ups, tracking shots. A scary figure with a Joker-like face. Vagrant men fall out of buildings. Gang members lurk on street corners, making Los Santos seem more Gotham like. There's even a cursed Jordan Peterson quote, used as a menacing voiceover. Finally, our man in black makes his stealthy appearance, steadily hunting down these criminals and taking out bad men (we have to trust that they are bad men), while the police chase the hopeless task of pinning down the masked vigilante.

It's a tour de force, with a shout out to the on-point music choices, and sound effects, coupled with a clear handle on the brief. This is Batman with influences clearly drawn from Christopher Nolan's hard and gritty reboot, and the latest movie, Matt Reeves' The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, which has also been well received. Redditors were impressed too: "This is amazing", said one, while another commented "looks awesome!".

We do not know when the full GTA Batman movie will appear but if this trailer is anything to go by, it'll be a moody pastiche and hilarious satire all at once, while the world of Los Santos has somehow never looked more alive and vivid, even if the tones are the darkest we've perhaps seen.

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