Some Legend Put Tenet On Five GBA Cartridges To Spite Christopher Nolan

Did you know that Tenet is a palindrome? As in, if you read it backwards, it still says Tenet. How clever! Wait, you already knew that? Maybe this movie isn’t as super cerebral as some people make it out to be. Anyway, if you missed Tenet in the cinema, you can watch it on your GameBoy Advance now.

YouTuber Wulff Den was not very happy with Christopher Nolan’s decision to push Tenet out to theaters during a pandemic. As a result, he decided to put the film not on one, or two, but five GBA video game cartridges. This, according to Wulff Den, was done purely to spite Nolan.

“So I got this idea when the whole meme was going around about how much Christopher Nolan really wanted you to go to the theaters to see this movie,” Wulff Den says in his video. “In the middle of a pandemic he said, ‘This is a film whose image and sound really needs to be enjoyed in your theaters on the big screen’.

“So I immediately thought yes, exactly, we have to put this on GameBoy immediately.”

Wulff Den goes on to explain that this is the worst way to possibly watch Tenet while still sort of being able to decipher what’s going on. It completely dismisses the image and sound quality Nolan was banging on about, while still being comprehensible – but only barely.

If you’re curious about how to watch Tenet on GameBoy Advance, Wulff Den’s video includes a full list of comprehensive instructions on how to do so. It’s a pretty long process with some complex demands across both hardware and software, but hey, if you’re annoyed at Christopher Nolan it’s a far more productive way to spend your time than trying to force people to go to public theaters during a pandemic.

I personally haven’t seen Tenet yet because I also hated the idea of going to the cinema when it launched. I mean, I love the cinema, but I love safety even more. That being said, I might finally watch it now – but it will absolutely be on my GameBoy Advance.

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