Sniper Elite 4 Gets Its First Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer

Rebellion has launched a new gameplay trailer for Sniper Elite 4 ahead of its November 17 Nintendo Switch release. The series’ fourth installment will retail at $33.99 on Nintendo’s eShop, with 10% off for customers who pre-order.

The game’s fast-paced trailer boasts the port’s ability to support co-op play, in addition to solo campaigns. Sniper Elite 4’s critically-acclaimed action looks just as entertaining on the small screen, compared to its current-gen console predecessors. Highlighting the game’s success – with over 15 million players suited and booted – the trailer flaunts the title’s 4-player co-op alongside its eight-player competitive modes. Sniper Elite 4 will also receive Switch exclusive features, including motion aim with gyro controls, HD rumble, Pro Controller support, and either local wireless or online play.

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Originally launched in 2017, Sniper Elite’s current entry relocates to Italy set directly after the events of Sniper Elite 3. The World War II campaign sees the Royal Navy’s attempt to infiltrate the Nazi-occupied island of San Celini, to investigate rumors of a new enemy weapon. Experienced from a third-person perspective, the tactical shooter features improved technical qualities in this title, such as faster enemy reactions to attacks.

The map in Sniper Elite 4 is also significantly larger to its predecessor, granting further exploration within its open-ended gameplay. In addition, the game’s new movement mechanic allows the protagonist to scale ledges, deeming no enemy safe from SOE sniper Karl Fairburne. Set in the coastal towns, forests and mountain valleys of Italy, tactical shooters have never been more serene – until you come across a Nazi megastructure, of course.

The Switch trailer heavily showcases the game’s x-ray killcam system, featuring fatalities similar to Mortal Kombat. Once players release their trigger finger, the killcam follows the sniper rifle bullet and displays the victim’s explosive innards upon impact. This mechanic is relentlessly gratifying, especially when time has been taken to deploy a bulletproof strategy.

Sniper Elite 4 was announced for Switch during Nintendo’s September Direct. Rebellion chose to follow the success of Sniper Elite 3’s port last year, in hopes of delivering the same, polished result. The game will be released both digitally and physically for Nintendo players with a license to kill.

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