Skyrim Mod Apotheosis Reveals First Gameplay Trailer: The Spaces Between

Nine years after its release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still going strong. There are many reasons why that is so, with one of the main reasons being the awesome mods and expansions that keep being made for it. The Apotheosis mod is one of those mods, a current WIP DLC expansion for Skyrim that recently posted a brand new update trailer titled “The Spaces Between” which gave the first look at its gameplay.

How would you like a sanity-testing dose of Cthulhu mythos in your Skyrim? If the first look at the expansion’s gameplay is a true indication, that’s seemingly the direction the Apotheosis mod is aiming to take its players. The trailer displays first sightings of some of the places you’ll be traveling to in the expansion, along with a few artifacts you’ll get to play with. The trailer also shows a few of the horrible tentacled, winged, and horned abominations you’ll have as enemies during whatever quest has been assigned to the Dragonborn in this adventure.

All the scenes with creatures fly by in quick succession like some hideous montage, allowing only a quick glimpse of some gruesome creature before moving on to one even more gruesome. In one scene, there’s what looks like a ball with about 20 Draugr arms sticking out of it, just rolling around attacking the Dragonborn because it can. And in one of the last scenes, there’s – something – with what could be both a mouth and an eyeball in the same place, and multiple tentacles waving about, perched on what looks like a huge stack of books.

And if the hideous Cthulhu-inspired creatures aren’t enough to get your attention and interest, the gameplay trailer also shows off some of the disarmingly beautiful locations you’ll visit, and even some of those have tentacles just growing out of the walls because why not. Also featured in the trailer is the first hearing of the Apotheosis original soundtrack. Yes, original soundtrack, composed by StanL and the mod’s developer Di0nysys, according to the announcement notes.

There’s no word yet on when Apotheosis might be scheduled to go live, so definitely follow along with the development on, Discord, and YouTube. Fus Ro Fhtagn!

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