Several Key Cutscenes From The Last Of Us Part 1 Have Leaked

Several key cutscenes from The Last of Us Part 1 have been leaked online, including Joel and Ellie's cabin argument, and the discussion between Tommy and Joel when they first get to Jackson.

It seems that several people already have their hands on pre-release copies of The Last of Us Part 1, as the last few weeks have seen a few different leaks, including a gameplay leak last month that still remains as our only look at unedited gameplay footage, a cutscene featuring Henry and Sam, and now several key cutscenes showing late-game events. If you've not played The Last of Us, it's worth clicking off now to avoid being spoiled.

The cutscene leaks come courtesy of gaming insider Tom Henderson, who reported on the leaks for eXputer. Henderson notes that the footage doesn't come from him as he hasn't got his own copy of the game just yet, but that he believes it to be the final build of the game.

The first leaked scene that Henderson shares is the infamous cabin argument between Ellie and Joel that takes place in Jackson. It looks much the same as it did before, but with the cabin having more detail and Joel and Ellie both having more realistic facial expressions, including tears running down Ellie's cheek. We saw a small glimpse of this scene thanks to Naughty Dog last week, but we now see what it looks like in full.

Tommy and Joel's argument when they first meet in Jackson is the next leaked cutscene, although it's only the second half of it after Joel asks Tommy to take Ellie to the Fireflies for him. Finally, we have the scene showing Sam and Henry's death, which was actually already leaked last week and is likely the same footage.

All of these leaks continue to show that The Last of Us Part 1 is exactly the same game as it was before, just with much more detailed character models, environments, and lighting. With no more gameplay clips having appeared since the first leak, we'll have to wait and see if its purported AI changes make much of a difference.

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