Sega Surpasses Goal And Raises £17,000 For Trans Charity Mermaids

Sega has raised £17,401 for Mermaids as part of its #TogetherWithPride campaign, smashing its own goal of £15,000. It's running this campaign through "staff-led initiatives" and "Twitch fundraising".

If you don't know, Mermaids is a charity dedicated to helping "transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse children", as well as young people and their families. It was founded in 1995 and has since been promoting equality while offering aid, even setting up a helpline and web chat where you can speak to someone on the Mermaids team.

The original goal Sega set was £2,000 but it has since broken not only that goal but its subsequent £15,000 one. Individually, Froob has raised £3,576, tragicontwitch has raised £3,030, jenegademaster has raised £1,170, G to The Next Level has raised £918, TristaBytes has raised £822, Shenghaid has raised £632, d1000014 has raised £605, BishiDove has raised £469, noodlebeefnoodle has raised £406, and Jazzem has raised £370. These are all Sega-supported campaigns.

The campaign ends today so if you want to chip in and donate to help Mermaids out, you still have a little time left. Otherwise, Mermaids accepts donations directly through its website if you want to help out after today or any time in the future. Sega also held a similar fundraising event last year for Mermaids, so expect it to roll back around in 2023.

In other news, The Elder Scrolls Online players held a Pride Parade in-game over the weekend, bringing hundreds together in a colourful display of queerness full of rainbows and self-expression, perfect for those uncomfortable going to in-person parades or for those who can't.

We spoke to some of the players who went to the Pride Parade to ask what it meant to them to see such a big display of love and affection from the queer community, with some saying that they teared up and felt love the love burst through the monitor.

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