Sea of Thieves: How To Complete All Apprentice Trials Of The Sea

The introduction of the first Season in Sea of Thieves has been coupled with a variety of trials that last the length of the season and offer a chance to improve your season level and earn new goodies, even for players without the season pass.

Each different trial offers a look at a different aspect of this vast, three-year-old pirate adventure. Players will find that the trials of exploration and combat similarly point them towards exploring the world or fighting its monsters. The Trials of the likewise asks the players to delve into the social nature of pirates (read: drinking) as well as the calmers areas of the game like fishing.

There are five Apprentice trials of the Sea in Sea of Thieves Season One, each broken down into several deeds that must be completed. This guide will walk you through each trial and guide helping you understand what you need to do and how to do it.

How To Complete The Apprentice Cook Trial In Sea Of Thieves

  • Cook a piece of food until burnt
  • Cook a piece of meat to perfection
  • Eat perfectly cooked Trophy Fish of any kind

The Apprentice Cook Trial wants you to learn how to cook, and how not to cook, as well as the benefits of the former. The first trial wants you to cook a piece of food until burnt. When you first start the game, you’ll have a few items of food in your food barrels on your ship. You can also find all manner of fruit scattered through the barrels of the starting Outpost and more or less every other island in the game.

Simply take some of this food and place it on the hob instead of your ship. Once there you’ll hear it cooking and begin to see it change colour. To make sure it’s burnt, leave it there a good long while until it’s dark brown all over, or near enough. Once you remove the food from the hob, the trial should complete.

The second trial wants you to cook a piece of meat to perfection. This is probably the easiest with fish. You can sometimes find fish in barrels, but that is quite rare. It’s much easier and more reliable to catch fish with your fishing pole. You can also complete this deed with chicken, snake, pork, Kraken, shark, or Megalodon, but it can be harder to tell when they are cooked.

Once you have your meat, place it on the hob as you did with the fruit. This time watch it slowly. If it is a fish there is an easy way to tell when it is done to perfection. Watch the eyes of the fish, and as soon as they turn completely white, the fish is done and should be removed immediately. With other meats, you’ll have to play it a bit more by ear, but you’re looking for a beautiful golden brown across the entire upwards facing surface.

Once you’ve removed the meat you should complete the deed as long as it is perfect. If not you can always try again.

The final deed wants you to cook and eat two perfectly cooked Trophy Fish of any kind. Trophy Fish, like their regular counterparts can be found in the sea, or even more rarely in barrels. These fish are notably larger than their regular counterparts but come in all the same species and variants, but because of their size, they will need to be cooked for longer.

Once you’ve caught your Trophy Fish you’ll have to cook them on the hob like the others. Once again you want to watch the eyes of the fish and remove them once they have gone complete white. Once they have been cooked to perfection, eat them both and the deed should be unlocked.

How To Complete The Apprentice Party Pirate Trial In Sea Of Thieves

  • Drink so much that your pirate is sick
  • Play a shanty together with three other pirates in Adventure Mode

The Apprentice Party Pirate wants you to appreciate the fun that be had at sea with or without the monsters and adventures you can go on. The first deed would like you to drink some grog. Not a little grog, but a lot of grog. In fact it wants you to drink so much that you are sick from the experience.

There are several places you can easily imbibe this delicious drink of pirates, but the easiest are in the tavern on an outpost, or on your ship. To drink all you have to do is find your mug in your inventory wheel and then drink from it until its empty. But you are a hardy pirate, and one mere mug of grog is not enough to make you sick. So if you’re in the tavern you can ask the patron there to refill your mug, and don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything. If you’re on your ship you can find the grog barrel somewhere below deck.

To drink so much you’re sick you’ll need at least two or drink full mugs drunk in quite quick succession. The effects of the alcohol won’t hit you straight away but you’ll soon notice your screen waving and your pirate stumbling around. A minute or so after that, and they’ll be sick and unlock this deed.

The second deed in the Apprentice Party Pirate wants you to play one of your instruments with three other pirates. You will find in your inventory that you have many instruments to play, including the banjo, hurdy-gurdy, concertina, and drums. When you have one equipped you can every growing arrangement of songs, but to complete this deed you’ll have to play with three others too. The easiest way to do this is to play with three other friends. With a full crew you can all play an instrument and quickly finish this deed.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find another three players to drink with. Look for other player ships sailing the sea, and raise an Alliance Flag from your mast to try and prove you’re friendly. When you get close enough, start playing an instrument and hopefully, the others will join in. There’s a chance they’ll kill you and take any loot you have on your ship, but eventually, you’ll meet some friendly faces.

How To Complete The Apprentice Hunter Trial In Sea Of Thieves

  • Go fishing and catch a fish
  • Hand in cooked meat to The Hunter’s Call
  • Hand in a Trophy Fish to The Hunter’s Call. Cook it to perfection and earn more gold for it

The Apprentice Hunter Trial is closely linked with the Sea of Thieves strangest Trading Company, The Hunter’s Call who can for nought but the fish, and other things, swimming in the sea. The deed in the Apprentice Hunter Trial is to catch a fish yourself. Every pirate comes equipped with a fishing rod and there’s plenty of water in the game to catch a fish, but for an extensive break down of the mechanic and fishing locations, check out our Fishing Guide. Once you’ve found yourself a fish and managed to reel it in, the deed will unlock.

The second deed wants you to hand in any cooked meat to the Hunter’s Call. The type of meat (including fish) doesn’t matter, nor does the quality of the cooking. That being said all meat cooked to perfection is more valuable in terms of reputation and gold than the uncooked or undercooked counterparts, and the rare the meat the more valuable it is still.

Simple find something edible that isn’t fruit, still it on the hob on your ship and set sail for the nearest seapost. The Hunters Call don’t reside on the Outposts where you’ll find most of the other Trading Companies but instead on tiny rocks out at sea.

Make sure to take the meat off the hob when its done and hand it over to the Trading Company representative at the end of the pier at the seapost. The one in the little shop won’t be interested in your fish. Once you’ve done that, the deed should be completed.

The final deed wants you to hand over a perfectly cooked trophy fish to The Hunter’s Call. Trophy Fish are the larger, rarer variants of each type of fish, and you can normally tell if you have one on the line because they look much bigger.

Using the right bait can help you catch a trophy fish but once again all the details can be found in our extensive fishing guide. Once you’ve caught the fish, use your hob on the ship to cook it until the eyes are completely white, then hand it over to the Hunter’s Call at any Seapost. With that, you will see this deed completed.

How To Complete The Apprentice Diplomat Trial In Sea Of Thieves

  • Finish a Cargo Run Voyage while in an Alliance
  • Form an Alliance with another crew
  • Let another crew cash in one of your chests

The Apprentice Diplomat Trial wants you to play nice with others, which is a refreshing change of pace if you’ve been completing the Reaper Trials of Combat. The first deed wants you to complete a Cargo Run Voyage while in an Alliance. To form an alliance, you first have to climb up to the crow’s nest and raise the alliance flag.

As other player ships draw near, if they can join your alliance if they wish. Alternatively, if you’re near a ship with a alliance flag, you can join the alliance from the flag box menu on your Crow’s Nest. Once in an alliance, you have to complete a Cargo Run Voyage for the Merchants Alliance. The other ship need not help you with this voyage if they do not wish, they simply have to stay in your alliance for the duration of the quest.

A Cargo Run Voyage has you delivering three types of goods from one NPC to another. These goods can be plants, fabrics, rum bottles, or a mix of all three with a delivery note telling you where to take them. Each crate of goods starts the voyage in perfect condition but can be damaged en route to the receiver in a number of different ways, although the condition of the goods does not effect this deed. To learn more about Cargo Run Voyages, check out our Novice Trials of Adventure Guide.

Once all the cargo has been delivered successfully, the deed will complete.

The second deed for the Apprentice Diplomat trial wants you to form an Alliance with another crew. Simply follow the steps above to form an alliance and this deed will unlock if you haven’t already done it.

The final deed for this trial is to let another crew cash in one of your chests. The word let is doing a lot of heavy lifting there a crew that steals a chest from you and hands it in will also unlock the deed for you. How generous.

But you can also offer up a chest to another crew in or out of an alliance to take your chest. A chest is marked in the game as yours if your ship was the first one it was placed on. Once you have found an placed a chest on your ship, which you can do through Gold Hoarder Voyages or by stumbling on one while on your adventure, you can hand it over to another player to hand in.

Make sure not to give the other crew a storage chest, as they can not be handed in and therefore will not net you the deed. Instead you want to give them one of the various treasure chests you will come across.

If they are in an alliance with you, you will still get half the value of the chest (but the crew handing it in will get one hundred per cent of the value). Otherwise you won’t get anything but the deed being complete.

How To Complete The Apprentice Socialite Trial In Sea Of Thieves

  • Drink with another crew while at an outpost
  • Greet another pirate on the Ferry of the Damned, using a Pirate Chat phrase
  • Play an instrument while aboard your ship as it sinks

The Apprentice Socialite Trial wants to meet other players and not immediately kill, which might be new and unusual to some players of Sea of Thieves. The first deed wants you to drink with another crew while at an outpost. There are seven outposts in total, two in each region except the Devil’s Roar that only has one.

You can either hang around an Outpost until another ship arrives, although they might be cautious this is an ambush and attack, or you can approach a ship although at an outpost, which might have the same effect.

If you keep getting killed, try approaching a ship that isn’t at an outpost and forming an alliance. You can ask them to head to an outpost to complete this deed or follow them until they arrive at one on their own journey. Once you have another crew on the Outpost, pull out your mug from your inventory wheel and start drinking. The other crew need to drink as well so use in-game chat to peer pressure them into drink as well. Once at least one member of the other crew are drinking while you are, the deed will be complete.

The second deed want you to communicate with another Pirate on the Ferry of the Damned using the pirate chat feature. This can either be very easy or very simple, but is best done organically as you’re playing the game rather than trying to grind it out.

Every time you die, check to see if you’re alone or not on the Ferry of the Damned. If you’ve been battling other players, there’s good chance one of them might be dead with you. Once you can see another ghost onboard, use the pirate chat wheel to say something (anything) and this deed will unlock. Holding different items changes what phrases can be said so have some fun but make sure you say something before they run through the door and respawn.

The final deed wants you to play an instrument onboard your ship as it sinks. Playing the instrument is very easy, simply pulling whichever one you want and starting playing, but sinking your ship can be more difficult. Scuttering your ship from the menu does not seem to trigger this deed so you might have to find another way to complete it. Getting defeated by the Megalodon, Skeleton Ship, Kraken, or another crew can work, but you have to survive to play the tune as the ship goes down which is not always guaranteed.

The simplest method is to sink the ship yourself in a controlled and safe environment and play your instrument the whole time. Sail your ship into some sea rocks until there are a few holes in the hull, then drop the anchor and play your chosen instrument until the deed completes. If you’re going to do this, do it at the very start or very end of your session so you haven’t lost anything.

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