Saints Row: The Best Ways To Make Money

Very early into Saints Row, you find out that the main protagonist and their friends aren't exactly flushed with cash. Their lack of funds serves as a setup for the story, but it's also truthful, as you don't begin your adventure in Santo Ileso with a lot of money.

To make matters worse, cash is the most important resource in the game. Without it, you can't buy and upgrade weapons, nor can you progress much in the criminal ventures mini-game. So, it's in your best interests to start boosting your in-game bank account. These are the best ways of doing so.

Complete Side Hustles

One of the first things the game recommends you do to make money is complete side hustles. And it's good advice, as you can make a decent amount of cash from these activities. Whether it's the Wingsuit Saboteur, Riding Shotgun, or any others, you usually get at least $4000 for completing one. Sometimes they even offer bigger payouts.

Plus, you can keep replaying them to continuously add to your wallet. You might find several of them enjoyable to play, too.

Leave One Star Reviews In The @Tcha Side Hustle

In the @Tcha side hustle, you leave poor reviews at certain establishments and then defend yourself against whatever gang is associated with the place. Out of all the side hustles, this one offers the biggest rewards. However, to milk the activity for all it's worth, you have to leave the lowest reviews possible, which is one star.

This will mean you have to fight against more enemies than usual. But, on the other hand, the payout will be significant. On top of that, there ends up being more cash to pick up, too, due to the extra bodies. Therefore, overall, you can easily make $12,000 from one of these.

Use The Wanted App

Once free roam is unlocked, you're given the Wanted app for your phone. This app basically serves as a Craigslist for murder, meaning NPCs advertise assassination missions. They seem like they will be run-of-the-mill quests where you go to a location and shoot someone.

Yet, there is actually plenty of variety and creativity in these missions. More importantly, each of them offers a $5000 reward upon completion. This is more than you can get from most free roam activities, so they're certainly worth doing.

Rob Any Armored Truck You Find

While making your way around sunny Santo Ileso, you will occasionally come across armored trucks. These vehicles appear on your mini-map as little white truck-shaped icons with a dollar sign in the middle. The icon is right in that you can make money from these trucks.

All you need to do is destroy them, and cash comes flying out. Admittedly, they don't contain an incredible amount of money. But it takes such little effort to acquire the bills that you might as well destroy any you pass to top up your funds.

Remove Threats

When you start unlocking criminal ventures, you may notice that some red brass knuckle icons start appearing on the map. These things are called threats, and they're small disturbances that you can sort out, usually by force. By doing so, the hourly income you receive from the nearby business increases.

Therefore, these things don't provide an instant boost to your wallet, but they do increase your earning potential and make you more money in the long term. In addition, the fact that they're quick to do means they're certainly worth it.

Complete Ventures

Criminal ventures get introduced a few hours into the story. And when it happens, you are able you get the first few businesses for free. This automatically adds to your hourly income, but you can increase it even more by completing these ventures.

To do so, you need to beat every quest they provide, such as Insurance Fraud and Toxic Waste Disposal. Along with the increase in hourly income, you will also gain some money for just finishing those individual quests in the first place. Therefore, completing ventures is a great way to build up your bank account.

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