Saints Row: How To Unlock Every Fast Travel Location

Saints Row provides you with a beautiful map that you're free to run, drive, or fly around. And it's an enjoyable place to explore. However, sometimes, you just want to get to a specific area quickly. After all, if your desired location is across the map, you may not fancy making the long trip over there.

Thankfully, the title includes a fast travel system. Yet, it's easy to miss, as the game doesn't really tell you about it. You just have to discover it for yourself. Alternatively, you can use this handy guide that explains how the system works and how to unlock every fast travel location.

How To Unlock Fast Travel Locations

You gain a few fast travel spots automatically while playing, such as your apartment and home base. However, you must unlock the rest of them. To do so, you need to visit certain landmarks in Santo Ileso and take a picture of them.

You can access the camera from your in-game phone. From there, you must get the camera in the correct position and take the shot. When you do, you will be able to fast travel to that location from the map.

Fast Travel Photo Locations

Panther Rock

The Panther Rock fast travel spot is in West Providencia. Most specifically, it's near a Jimrob Garage, right by some hiking trails. The subject of the picture is a giant Panther head.

Twin Coyote

When you're in the Rojas Desert North region, head toward the northeastern corner to find an establishment that is a gas station and an arcade. Outside of the place, you will find two large metallic coyotes. Take a picture of them.

Bear Lake

In the northeast corner of the Marina West region, you will find a small body of water. And inside that little lake is a Bear, which is the required subject for your photo.

Cactus Bill

This one is located around the center of Lakeshore South. The landmark you must get a shot of is the large cactus wearing a cowboy hat. Surprisingly, there are two of them – you need to photograph the more central one.

Lone Wolf

Toward the south of the map, in the aptly titled Badlands South area, sits another fast travel spot. This one is outside the Lone Wolf Hotel, and to unlock it, you need to take a picture of the big wolf sculpture.

El Dorado

El Dorado is a flashy region with plenty of interesting places. On the road that runs through the middle of the entire region, sits a few large El Dorado signs. Take a picture of the one in the center to unlock this fast travel spot.

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