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Classes are an important part of the character development system in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. Not only do they provide useful bonuses in battle, but they can also serve as a pretty good indicator as to what skills your party members should be developing.

Picking the right classes for your party and leveling up the right skills is a great way to get a significant boost in power. You'll need a veritable treasure trove of jewels and access to the entire map to truly take advantage of the system, but it's worth the effort in the end.

How To Unlock And Change Classes

Changing classes is something you need a Mentor to do for you – you can find a Mentor in the vast majority of settlements in the game, and they're also useful for learning Proficiencies.

When you ask a Mentor to train you in a class, you'll be presented with two options, Train and Change Class. Every individual Mentor has a specific list of classes that they have access to, which alters what sorts of skills they can train.

To change into a class, you must have the requisite skills, and these requirements will depend on the class' rank:

  • Basic Classes require three skills to be acquired, with the level not mattering.
  • Advanced Classes require five or more skills at level two, simply knowing the skills is not sufficient.
  • Legendary Classes require seven skills at level three, making them incredibly expensive to acquire.

Basic and Advanced Classes all have appropriate bonuses to go with them, boosting their abilities either in battle or in the field. For example, the Trader class improves your ability to trade with monsters using the Trading Proficiency. The higher your class level – which is raised by raising skill levels – the more potent these bonuses are.

Legendary Classes, on the other hand, all have the same bonus, but it's incredibly powerful. They will reduce the BP cost of all skills used by that character, making them more efficient in battle.

When you choose to train a class with a Mentor, you will only be able to train every single one of the class' skills at the same time. This makes acquiring and leveling up Advanced and Legendary classes far more expensive in terms of jewels.

Once you have any class at level three, however, you will unlock the ability to train any skill individually. This unlocks for every character you have, not just the one with the level three class. Mentors will offer to train the skills that they'd normally train through the classes they offer, so you'll still have to shop around for other skills.

Once you have unlocked a class, you can change into it for free with a Mentor who offers it or at any point in the Class section of the Abilities menu.

List Of Classes

The tables below list all of the classes in the game, along with the skills you need to level to acquire them, the locations of the Mentors that can train you in them, and the class effects. Use these tables to plan out whether or not you want to change classes!

Advanced Classes are not necessarily stronger than Basic Classes! They're simply associated with more skills – if you're content with the fewer skills that Basic Classes have, there is no need to change. Some Basic Classes, such as Rosalian Officer and Geckling Warrior, are excellent all the way to the end of the game.

Basic Classes




Mentor Locations


Staff, Martial Arts, Terrology

Ascetics are more resistant to physical status ailments.

Godongo, Jelton, Northpoint, Weston, Uso


Club, Pyrology, Gathering

Blacksmiths are more resistant to willpower-based status effects.

Bruelle, Eugenstadt, Jelton


Short Sword, Cosmology, Strategy

A Craftsman has a chance to severely reduce the DP cost of a skill, prolonging weapon life.

Crystal City, Eugenstadt, Godongo, Loban, Melvir, Mirsaburg, North Estamir, Taralian Camp, Tarmitta, Weiserheim


Long Sword, Martial Arts, Covert

Having Entertainers around decreases the enemy party's ability to initiate combo attacks.

Bruelle, Gato's Village, Pirate's Coast, South Estamir, Taralian Camp, Tarmitta, Weston, Yeoville

Frontier Guard

Foil, Long Sword, Shield

Frontier Guards prevent you from getting ambushed when attacked from behind.

Altours, Crystal City, North Estamir, Yeoville

Geckling Knight

Two-handed Axe, Lance, Martial Arts

Geckling Knights counter more often.



Terrology, Gathering, Survival

Herbalists have a better time using the Find Herbs Proficiency.

Northpoint, Taralian Camp, Tarmitta, Weiserheim, Uso


Hand Axe, Club, Gathering

Pioneers recover from willpower-based status ailments quicker.

Gato's Village, Godongo, Northpoint, Weston, Uso


Foil, Hand Axe, Hydrology

Pirates have higher speed than usual, letting them act quicker.

Godongo, Jelton, Northpoint, Pirate's Coast


Bow, Terrology, Search

The higher the Ranger's level, the cheaper their attacks are in terms of BP.

Loban, Melvir, Tarmitta


Shield, Long Sword, Great Sword

Squires preserve their BP when knocked out and revived within a battle.

Eugenstadt, Mirsaburg


Foil, Long Sword, Two-handed Sword

Swordsmen get a damage bonus to all attacks.

Altours, Bruelle, Crystal City, Eugenstadt, Gato's Village, Loban, Mirsaburg, North Estamir, Pirate's Coast, Uso


Foil, Search, Strategy

Thieves get a bonus to the effective range of Find Treasure and Find Chest.

Jelton, Pirate's Coast, South Estamir


Scimitar, Martial Art, Strategy

Gold obtained after battle is increased.

Jelton, Pirate's Coast, South Estamir


Strategy, Survival, Trading

Traders increase the efficacy of the Trading Proficiency.

Altours, Crystal City, Eugenstadt, Godongo, Melvir, Mirsaburg, Northpoint, South Estamir, Uso, Weiserheim, Weston, Yeoville,

Valhallan Warrior

Hand Axe, Two-handed Sword, Survival

Valhallan Warriors recover from physical status ailments quicker.

Gato's Village

It's worth pointing out here that Ettinham specifically is a very late-game location, so factor that into your plans. The Mentor in Ettinham allows you to train directly in three Advanced Classes (but not change to them) and change to any Legendary Class.

Advanced Classes




Mentor Locations


Short Sword, Illusions, Sorcery, Covert, Trading

Assassins improve the party's chance of ambushing enemies.

Ettinham, South Estamir

Castle Knight

Long Sword, Great Sword, Two-handed Sword, Pole Arm, Shield

Castle Knights can deflect attacks when their allies are attacked.

Eugenstadt, Mirsaburg


Great Sword, Two-handed Sword, Katana, Pyrology, Illusions, Bewitchery

Draconites have improved weapon damage and exaggerated attacking mode effects.

Ettinham, Pirate Coast

Estamirian Rebel

Martial Arts, Scimitar, Katana, Illusions, Search

Estamirian Rebels have better success with status ailment spells

North Estamir, South Estamir


Scimitar, Hand Axe, Bow, Terrology, Search

Hunters have increased accuracy with Bows and other weapons that inflict piercing damage, such as Foils.

Gato's Village, Northpoint, Taralian Camp, Uso

Imperial Knight

Foil, Great Sword, Two-handed Axe, Shield, Cosmology

Imperial Knights are better at initiating combo attacks with the attacker before them.

Bruelle, Lovan, Melvir

Imperial Marine

Short Sword, Scimitar, Hand Axe, Aerology, Survival

Imperial Marines are better at initiating combo attacks with the attacker after them

Bruelle, Melvir

Imperial Scholar

Hydrology, Aerology, Illusions, Cosmology, Trading

Imperial Scholars can access spell fusion with two spells.

Loban, Melvir

Kjar Sentinel

Lance, Bow, Hydrology, Demonology, Covert

Kjar Sentinels' techs that use piercing damage are more effective.

South Estamir, Tarmitta

Martial Artist

Scimitar, Katana, Staff, Pole Arm, Bow, Martial Arts

Martial Artists functionally have a higher weapon skill level when attacking, improving their chances of triggering Surges.

Jelton, Pirate's Coast, Weston

Red Mage

Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Sorcery, Necromancy

Red Mages get a bonus to their Necromancy and Sorcery spells.

Ettinham, Weiserheim

Rosalian Lancer

Short Sword, Pole Arm, Bow, Bewitchery, Search

Rosalian Lancers get a bonus to action speed when using weapons in Trick Mode.

Altours, Crystal City, Yeoville

Rosalian Mage

Club, Staff, Hydrology, Demonology, Bewitchery

Rosalian Mages can access spell fusion with three spells.

Altours, Crystal City, North Estamir

Rosalian Officer

Long Sword, Club, Lance, Shield, Bewitchery

Rosalian Officers have increased defense, especially when their attacker is in Defense mode.

Crystal City, North Estamir, Yeoville


Staff, Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Cosmology

Wizards are better at casting spells, dealing more damage and being better at inflicting status ailments.

Mirsaburg, Weiserheim

Legendary Classes



Mentor Locations


Foil, Long Sword, Bow, Demonology, Cosmology, Search, Trading

Ettinham, Melvir


Club, Staff, Martial Arts, Hydrology, Terrology, Cosmology, Gathering

Crystal City, Ettinham


Club, Hydrology, Aerology, Illusions, Bewitchery, Search, Gathering

Ettinham, Tarmitta


Scimitar, Club, Katana, Pole Arm, Martial Arts, Bewitchery, Covert

Ettinham, Jelton


Foil, Short Sword, Scimitar, Bow, Strategy, Covert, Trading

Ettinham, South Estamir


Long Sword, Scimitar, Hand Axe, Shield, Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology

Ettinham, Yeoville


Staff, Pyrology, Hydrology, Aerology, Terrology, Illusions, Demonology

Ettinham, Weiserheim


Long Sword, Two-handed Sword, Lance, Cosmology, Bewitchery, Search, Survival

Ettinham, North Estamir


Great Sword, Hand Axe, Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Axe, Lance, Shield, Survival

Ettinham, Mirsaburg

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