Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – 8 Best Recruitable Characters

A lot of JRPGs give you options on how to build your party, but this is especially the case for Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, which has over two dozen recruitable characters. This may sound overwhelming, but ultimately this provides yet another reason to play through the game multiple times.

You’d be well advised to recruit every main character at least once, but you will likely come to prefer a particular and somewhat regular party build for each playthrough. Still, whether it is your first or fourth playthrough, some characters unlock specific quests and add particular depth to any playthrough.

8/8 The Minstrel

The Minstrel is a key character in the game, providing access to much of the game's lore through his stories, and is a loyal provider of entertainment at all the game’s pubs. Yet for those needing a quick addition to their party, he is also a fairly reliable combat partner who can soak up a good degree of damage.

Perhaps the best part of recruiting the Minstrel is his reliability: he is literally at every bar in the game, so he can easily be tossed into a roster and promptly disposed of thereafter. Plus, after each adventure, he will promptly bid you a temporary farewell and return to his usual spot in the pub.

7/8 Guella Ha

A reliable Geckling warrior, Guella Ha serves as Hawke’s loyal companion and can otherwise be recruited at the pub in Northpoint. In combat, Guella Ha also provides a balanced addition to any party, and can withstand a solid amount of damage from his enemies.

Yet Guella Ha is ultimately an indispensable companion during your explorations on Walon Isle, as he is a required character to trigger the Free The Geckling quest, which will open a variety of other quests for you later on.

6/8 Barbara

A dancer by trade, Barbara’s high VIT and COM also make her a reliable healer or tank in your party. She also has some significant flexibility in terms of the weapons she wields throughout the game, making her a very malleable party member.

Most importantly, when you recruit Barbara, she will come automatically equipped with the Amethyst fatestone. Even if you end up not caring too much for her as a party member, you can still snag the stone and drop her off at your local pub. Don't worry, the Minstrel will let her off easy.

5/8 Galahad

Galahad comes as a default companion for Gray, but he can otherwise be recruited at the Temple of Mirsa in Crystal City. Don't let this character's receding hairline fool you, as Galahad is a powerhouse, coming in from the get-go with 170 HP and very high physical stats. If you stick with him for a while, he can become an extremely powerful party member.

It should also be said that he is related to a series of fetch quests issued by the Elemental Lords, where he can be recruited with the much coveted Ice Sword in Crystal City, but only if players have an empty party slot when they encounter him. Players who show up with a full party will have to challenge him to obtain the sword, with some serious consequences.

4/8 Hawke

A lovable and comparatively good-willed pirate, Hawke is arguably one of the best damage dealers in the game. Hawke also has high VIT and HP, making him a good fighter to place in the front ranks of your party.

Aside from his capabilities in battle, there is also something to be said for having a pirate in your crew capable of dishing out heavy damage. While his opening act as a playable character is certainly worth trying out at least once in terms of its seaside lore, he is also an excellent addition to any party build.

3/8 Captain Silver

In order to unlock Captain Silver, you will first have to complete Silver’s Treasure and claim the Opal Fatestone on Walon Isle. When you get to the dragon guarding that Fatestone, you’ll also learn a bit more about Captain Silver’s backstory.

Once you complete these tasks, you can recruit Captain Silver on the Pirate Coast, and she can become an incredibly powerful asset, coming in with very high STR output and significant stats in VIT and INT. Players should be advised, however, that Captain Silver's LP is a bit on the lower end, meaning it's easier to permanently kill her character if you aren't careful.

2/8 Aldora

Aldora is an important, yet tragic figure in Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song, and in the remaster she becomes an extremely powerful recruitable character. If you had played the PS2 version of the game, you might know that Aldora could only be recruited through Darque, but the remaster has given her a whole new glow-up.

Although you will still have to wait for your second or third playthrough to recruit Aldora, the new remaster has added new content for her character. Aside from her powerful magic, it’s worthwhile to recruit her just to experience the new stories she brings to the game.

1/8 Schiele

One of the newest playable characters in the remastered version of the game, Schiele is another character who can only be unlocked after your first playthrough.

A woman with a troubled past, Schiele is first encountered as a character who doesn’t want to be bothered at local pubs, but will eventually tell you the story of your life once you approach her twelve times over a series of playthroughs. While in real life you should definitely not bother people trying to drink alone at bars, definitely make an exception for Schiele, as she has one of the most interesting quest lines in the game.

You will have to complete the lengthy quest Who Am I in order to unlock her character, but it is well worth your time if you are hoping to finish the game multiple times. While you will need to wait for at least your third playthrough to welcome her into your party, recruiting Schiele is one of the rarer accomplishments available to you in the remastered version of the game.

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