Rogue Legacy 2: 7 Beginner Tips

The world presented in Rogue Legacy 2 can be intimidating due to the game's heir system and procedurally generated areas. You can often get dealt a bad hand, take a gamble that doesn't pay off, or feel stuck when progressing through the castle, but there are many ways to overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles placed in front of you.

While Rogue Legacy 2 does have many systems that negatively impact you, there are many more systems and upgrades that are beneficial to you, allowing you to stack the odds in your favor and give you a fighting chance. Whether you give yourself more Resolve, increase your damage output or up your health, you can make each subsequent run easier and easier if you play your cards right.

Learn Your Traits Before Each Run

Whenever your run comes to its untimely end, you are presented with a group of heirs to choose from, allowing you to view their class, attributes, traits, and more. While you will naturally go for the heir that is your favorite class is typically fine, be mindful of their trait, as that can be detrimental to your run.

There are some excellent traits for your heir, such as seeing every chest location on your map or increasing your damage exponentially. However, some will make it much more challenging to progress. These traits can flip everything upside down, give you no invincible frames whenever you get hit, or even make it so you cannot see your health bar.

So, before picking your character, make sure you know what you're getting into, and if you have yet to discover what your trait does, you can view it in your Stat Sheet via the start menu. Never go into a run without common knowledge of your trait, as they can significantly affect your progression.

Take On Every Enemy

With Rogue Legacy 2 being a game about slowly progressing through the castle, taking knowledge gained from previous runs and applying it to each subsequent one, it can seem tiresome to try taking on every enemy you stumble across. But learning each enemy's attack patterns is much more beneficial than you might think, and getting them down will dramatically improve your gameplay and even help shorten the time it takes to clear each biome.

Taking on every enemy comes with advantages and disadvantages, but the pros outweigh the cons by a significant margin. Not only will you accumulate lots of Gold, but you will also get food or potion drops, which will refill some of your health or mana. Furthermore, clearing each room out allows you to move through the castle more efficiently if you have to backtrack to another room.

Another perk to clearing each room will give you the muscle memory of handling each enemy and what to generally expect moment to moment. While no two runs will be the same, each biome has the same enemy types, so once you learn how to handle them, each attempt will get easier and quicker to clear, allowing you to make it to the boss in record time.

Try Going In Order

Rogue Legacy 2 has six regions to explore, each becoming more complex and challenging than the last. Even though you can technically get to some of the biomes before you should, we recommend tackling each of them in the recommended order your first time through to avoid frustration and confusion. Below is the order you should go through the castle!

  • Citadel Agartha
  • Axis Mundi
  • Kerguelen Plateau
  • The Stygian Study
  • The Sun Tower
  • Pishon Dry Lake

It's also worth noting that the game opens up exponentially upon defeating your first boss. While the boss can be any of the six from each zone, the best encounter for beginners is Estuary Lamech from the starting area, Citadel Agartha. Jumping the gun and exploring areas above your skill level is a sure-fire way to end your run prematurely, and we advise against it at all costs!

Reveal Unknown Relics

As you work your way through the castle, you will come across many Relics and often have to choose between two, making for difficult choices if you are deep into a run, low on Resolve, or have no idea what they do. However, despite the severe risk, we recommend almost always going with the unknown Relic to document its effects for future attempts.

Relics are a strange beast and can provide excellent benefits but can also be a massive detriment to you and the rest of the run. Still, it should not be understated how crucial it is to learn what each Relic does for subsequent runs, as they may not be helpful to you now but can bail you out of trouble much later in the future if the circumstances are right. Unless you are low on health or having the run of your life and don't want to risk jeopardizing it, we will always suggest lifting the veil on the unknown.

Accumulate Gold

Gold is one of the most crucial aspects of Rogue Legacy 2 and allows you to purchase Manor upgrades, Armor Sets, and Runes. There are many ways to accumulate lots of Gold during a run, but we will provide examples of some of the better ways below!

Clearing Rooms

As touched on in greater detail above, clearing every room will provide you with lots of Gold. There are many rooms in each zone, many of which have a lot of enemies, breakable objects, and treasure chests within them. If you take your time, defeat every enemy, break every object, and open every chest, you will be overflowing with Gold!

Opening Chests

Opening chests will give you large sums of Gold, and there will be many chests to find throughout the castle. Most chests are out in the open, while some will be hidden behind a breakable wall that must be opened via your Class Talent. We recommend going out of your way to check each room out in a zone to see if they contain a chest, as you can potentially leave lots of Gold behind as a result.

Gold Bonus Heirs

Whenever your run ends and you're selecting your character's successor, you may notice a bonus Gold multiplayer over some of them from time to time. This typically indicates that this heir's trait is working against you and is an incentive to make you choose it over the others. Depending on how bad its trait is, you can receive a pretty substantial bonus that may push you into dealing with the character's shortcomings.

Learn Each Class And Their Abilities

Like the traits section above, you should have a basic understanding of your class before diving into your next run. You may fall in love with a particular class but are never guaranteed to have the option to choose it whenever it's time to pick your heir. This makes it essential to dabble with as many classes as possible, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and experiment with their abilities.

Every class in Rogue Legacy 2 has unique weapons, talents, and passive abilities that make them shine or pale in certain situations. You can view your class' complete stats by viewing your Stat Sheet in the pause menu. Furthermore, you can use your abilities and other actions in the hub zone before each run to try and get comfortable with them before hopping on the boat to start your run.

House Rules Exist

If you are struggling to progress in Rogue Legacy 2 and feel like you're just spinning titles, there's no shame in checking out the House Rules in the game's menu. These settings allow you to adjust the amount of damage the enemies output and how much health they have, even slow down time whenever you aim a precision weapon such as the bow or revolver, and much more.

Rogue Legacy 2 is incredibly demanding and requires lots of dedication, so it's perfectly reasonable if you need to use some of these options to help speed things up or overcome an obstacle you cannot seem to get past. House Rules are in the game for a reason, and you shouldn't sweat checking them out if you need a helping hand!

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