Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game is real and will be revealed this month

After so many rumours, Rocksteady has confirmed that it is developing a Suicide Squad game, which will be revealed at the end of August.

A couple of months ago, some newly discovered website domain names fuelled suspicions that Rocksteady is working on a Suicide Squad game.

Now, the developer, which is best known for its work on the Batman: Arkham series, has confirmed it to be true, with more details to come at the end of the month on 22 August, which is when DC is holding its DC FanDome event.

Details are otherwise scarce, with the only info we have being a vague tweet featuring a picture of a figure clearly meant to be Superman, with a target over his head.

The aforementioned domain name contains the phrase ‘Kill the Justice League,’ so it sounds as if Superman and other DC heroes will be playing the role of antagonists, with players taking control of the titular Suicide Squad.

Perhaps it’s some kind of asymmetric multiplayer game where one player is a super-powered boss enemy, similar to something like Evolve? Or maybe just a standard PvE game where the Justice League are being mind-controlled or are for some other reason the bad guys?

We can only speculate, but it has been rumoured that it will be an online co-op live service title of some kind. This wouldn’t be surprising, since DC likely wants something similar to compete with the upcoming Avengers game.

As for playable characters, the Suicide Squad has had several members throughout its history who could be viable.

These include Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang, who all appeared in the live action movie. But just about every earthbound supervillain has been a member at some time, as Harely Quinn probably isn’t the best bet to take on Superman.

Suicide Squad isn’t the only announcement to look forward to, though, as DC FanDome is also likely to be when the new Batman game will be announced, which has been rumoured for even longer and is suspected to feature the Court of Owls.

You might even get at least a tease of Injustice 3, because apparently DC Comics games are like buses…

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