Rockstar Teases "Fun Surprises" To Celebrate GTA 3’s 20th Anniversary

Rockstar plans on celebrating the 20th anniversary of GTA 3 via some fun surprises both within GTA Online and out of it.

There are almost too many major video game anniversaries to keep up with this year. Zelda, Sonic, Crash, Pokemon, all of them have either surpassed on will soon hit major milestones in 2021. There are so many birthdays to keep track of that one had fallen off the rader until now. The 20th anniversary of GTA 3, which Rockstar plans on celebrating.

News that Rockstar is ramping up to mark the milestone may well have been lost among the headlines today. The studio finally announced when GTA 5’s expanded and enhanced versions will arrive on next-gen consoles. Hidden within that same reveal was the news that GTA 3’s birthday will be celebrated before that re-release even happens.

“In honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto 3, we’ll have even more fun surprises to share,” the post on Rockstar’s website reads. It adds that some of those surprises will be specifically for players of GTA Online. That suggests some of them won’t, implying the 20-year-old game might well be getting the remaster treatment.

GTA fans have been wondering whether any older GTA games would be getting remastered for a while. Perhaps for no other reason than to stave off the annoyance that is the wait for any crumbs of news regarding the existence of GTA 6. Reverse-engineered code that improves GTA 3 and Vice City was recently taken down thanks to a DMCA notice issued by Rockstar. That led some to believe Rockstar has its own plans for the games, hence the action taken.

The studio gives off mixed messages when it comes to accepting help from savvy fans in terms of improving its games. While the GTA 3 and Vice City improvements were taken down, a fanmade method to greatly speed up loading times was implemented and patched into GTA 5 by Rockstar. The person responsible has even been compensated for their work. Perhaps a potential GTA 3 remaster will also utilize work done by some of its dedicated players.

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