Rocket League Season 2 Now Live On All Platforms

Season 2 of Rocket League is now live, bringing with it a new Rocket Pass, Tournaments, and a music-themed set of features and unlockables.

Patch notes for the update are available on Rocket League’s website, providing more detail on the features announced earlier this year. One of the coolest new additions is Player Anthems. These are a “new customization option that let you play your favorite music from the Rocket League soundtrack at key moments during a match.” Even goalies can get in on the musical fun, as the soundbite will play not only when you score a goal, but also when you make an Epic Save. The match MVP will also have their tune played at the end of each match.

If you’d rather not listen to random songs during your game, you can always turn the feature off in the options menu.

Since Season 2 is all about music, Rocket League is getting an EDM-styled arena, complete with flashing neon lights that pulse to the beat of the soundtrack. Psyonix mentioned “the new arena interacts with Rocket League Radio and Player Anthems for all players in a match,” so try not to get distracted by the fancy lights as you chase down the oversized soccer ball.

Rocket League is now passing out non-tradeable Decals based on the results of Season 1 Competitive. You’ll be able to customize your ride with a universal Decal that relates to the highest rank you achieved during Season 1, giving you a bit of street cred during Season 2.

If you’re more interested in earning rewards for Season 2, you’ll need to finish at least 22 of the 24 Challenges to pick up the Season Challenge Reward. Season 2 Tournaments are also live, including new rewards and titles, along with a significantly increased player population cap.

Rocket League has had an action-packed year, and kicking off a new season in December is a great way to close it out. The game is now free-to-play, so make sure to give it a download if you’re not already hooked on the rocket-powered action.

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