Rocket League: How To Be Named MVP

Players in Rocket League often strive to be the MVP, or Most Valuable Player, by the end of a match. This is achieved by ending up with the most points at the end of a game if you are on the winning team, and earning this prestigious title will give you an extra 100 points.

It can be difficult to achieve this, whether playing with friends or not, although never impossible. The goal is to be patient and to continue to practice, but here are some tips and tricks to make it easier to reach MVP status in Rocket League!

Be Aggressive

The easiest way to earn the most points on your team is to be super aggressive, but don’t be a ball chaser like many beginners. You want to be a positive force on your team in order to win, so you want to focus on being the goal-scorer rather than a defender.

When given the choice to push up or stay back, always push up to give yourself a chance at points. You can even focus on being in the middle to receive crossing passes from your teammates who are experts at centering the ball.


Points You Can Earn

  • Goal: 100 Points
  • Hat Trick (Three Goals): 25 Points
  • Shot On Goal: 10 Points
  • Touch The Ball: 2 Points
  • Aerial Gaol: 20 Points
  • Backward Goal: 20 Points
  • Bicycle Goal: 20 Points
  • Long Goal: 20 Points
  • Turtle Goal: 20 Points
  • Pool Shot: 20 Points
  • Overtime Goal: 25 Points

Play With A Partner

One essential tip is that you should recruit a partner as this title cannot be earned in solos, and it can be hard to consistently win games when playing with randoms. It can be helpful to see if your partner will play more of a passive role so you can focus on scoring goals, or you can take on this role.

Some players are born passers and these points can add up quickly if you complete assists and are an expert at centering the ball. If you see an opening to rush down the side of the field and tap the ball off the wall to the center then take it, so you have a chance to earn points for both an assist and centered ball.

Points You Can Earn

  • Assist: 50 Points
  • Center Ball: 10 Points
  • Playmaker (Three Assists): 25 Points

Shooting Not Your Thing? Play Goalie Instead

Maybe shooting isn’t your thing, but being an outstanding goalie is your calling. If you put your focus on protecting the goal from any stray balls then you could easily work your way up to being the MVP of the game.

It is especially true if you manage a few epic saves and are able to clear the ball several times throughout the game in this car combat game. However, nothing is as beneficial as scoring for your team, so only focus on this if you are at your wit’s end.

Points You Can Earn

  • Save: 50 Points
  • Epic Save: 75 Points
  • Savior (Three Saves): 25 Points
  • Clear Ball: 20 Points

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