Rocket League free to play start date is next week

A new Season 1 Rocket Pass and revamped tournaments and challenges will all be part of the Rocket League reboot when it goes free-to-play.

It was way back in July that developer Psyonix first announced that Rocket League is going free-to-play but it’s only now that we know exactly when: Wednesday, 23 September.

It’ll be the biggest change yet in the game’s illustrious history, with an update set to go live on all formats tomorrow, 16 September, at 5pm BST to get the game ready for the switchover.

That update will bring with it cross-platform progression linking, although that will first require you make an Epic Games account (Fortnite maker Epic bought Pysonix last year, which has been the catalyst for all these changes).

This week’s update will also see the game join Epic’s Support A Creator programme and give players that have paid for Rocket League their Legacy items – plus various minor bug fixes and changes, as detailed in the patch notes.

When the game goes free the PC version will be available from the Epic Games Store, which will grant you the free Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail items.

The tournaments and challenges systems will also be revamped and there’ll be a new Season 1 Rocket Pass, plus two new item packs: the Endo Starter Pack and Jäger Pack.

In other words, it’s a new start for the game, almost as if it was just released.

The template is clearly that of Fortnite, but ever since Rocket League removed its loot boxes it’s been headed that way anyway – which is no doubt one of the reasons Epic became interested in buying Psyonix in the first place.

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