Roblox: Project New World – How To Level Up Quickly

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While there have been many One Piece-related games on Roblox, Project New World takes a unique stance by dividing the world into different islands. A player who first starts playing this game can visit any of these islands, but you won't be able to do anything on them unless you've reached a certain level.

The player level in the game can go extremely high, and the developers raise the cap with almost every update. Moreover, you can get skill points that can increase your health and damage as you level up. This makes it essential for players to level up quickly if they want to compete against other players.

Choose The Correct Island To Fight

You have a plethora of islands to select from when it comes to Roblox Project New World, but it'll take a lot longer if you grind on the wrong island. Getting a sword or a fruit and using it to defeat NPC enemies is a major part of the game, and it's equally important to understand how the island level works.

When you open the world map, you'll see a certain number below every island. This number is essentially the minimum level your player should be before you decide to head to that island. Each island has an NPC that gives you a quest to kill a certain enemy.

Although, you have to be at the required level to take this quest. Hence, it can be quite useless if you go on an island with a minimum level of 90 if you're below level 90.

Moreover, the mobs on all these islands give the same amount of EXP and Beli. This means that you'll get around 20-25 EXP and 20-30 Beli every time you kill a normal mob, and this stays the same for every island from the starter island to the final one. This is why the major source of EXP will be the quest you get from these NPCs.

These quests slowly increase the amount of EXP gained as you progress through different islands. Here's the requirement for every island in the game:


Minimum Level

Enemies Encountered

Island Guide

Starter Island


Thief, Bandit, Bandit Boss

This is the first island that every player spawns in. Apart from all the enemies, it also contains the fruit vendor and some other quests. You can get your first sword from the little stall near the port to get started with your battle journey.

Clown Island


Pirate Clown and Clown Boss

While this island is pretty straightforward, the Clown Boss can be quite annoying. This is because the boss doesn't take any damage from your normal sword slashes. It will only take damage from your fruit and sword abilities or your punches.

Shark Park


Fishman and Shark Boss

This island is located to the right of the starter island, and the Shark Boss that you'll fight here has a five percent chance of dropping a Shark Blade.

Desert Ruins


Desert Thief and Bomb Boss

This island is pretty straightforward by itself, but the Bomb Boss fight can be quite tricky at lower levels. This boss triggers a bunch of explosions every few seconds as you're fighting him. To avoid this, you need to remember the time between each explosion and jump high in the air before the next one.

Sea Restaurant


Krieg Pirate and Krieg Boss

This is sort of a ship that can be annoying to farm if you haven't leveled up your Sky Walk. Before getting to this island, it's better to get the ability upgraded or get a fruit that gives you flight since the quest giver is located at a height.

Logue City


Marine Recruit and Tashii

Plain and simple, you can see all the mobs on this island from the location of the quest giver. Although, Tashii is not an easy opponent to defeat.

Tall Woods


Monkey, Gorilla, and King Gorilla

While this island is simple, it can be quite overwhelming to grind here because of how the mobs are spread. You can find Monkeys right beside the quest giver, but the Gorillas are located deeper into the island on the bottom level. Moreover, King Gorilla can be found in a cave directly opposite of quest giver.

Marine Base Town


Marine Grunt and Marine Captain

This is the first marine base you'll encounter in Project New World. All the battles here are quite straightforward.

Three Islands


Satyr and Minotaur

Another island that is going to be annoying unless you have a fruit that can provide flight. This island has a bunch of structures that are located at different heights, and you have to get near the top to find the quest giver and mobs. If you don't have a flight fruit, it might be better to farm on Marine Base Town until you reach level 800.

Marine HQ


Elite Marine, Vice Admiral, and Ice Admiral

This is the only island that features two different bosses. Both the Vice Admiral and the Ice Admiral are bosses that won't be affected by the Logia effect, and you need to have Haki on your weapon to attack the latter.

Sky Island 1


Sandorian Warrior and Divine Soldier

Sky Island is quite interesting since you can divide it into two parts even though it isn't divided in the game. The first part will let you fight the mentioned mobs, but none of them is a boss.

Sky Island 2


Holy Soldier and Thunder God

The second part of this island is much higher and has a different quest giver. Here, you'll fight against the Thunder God who can give you a new weapon and an accessory.

Revolutionary Island


Revolutionary, Revolutionary Elite, and Revolutionary Boss

Revolutionary Island is easy in a way because everything is located on the same level. You can go around the island and find everything quite easily.

Impel Jail


Impel Guard, Impel Elite, and Warden

Once again, Impel Jail is a small and straightforward island, and you can't possibly miss the location of Warden here.

While the names of these islands aren't mentioned on the world map, you can figure out which island is mentioned with the minimum level required. Moreover, you can look out for super bosses on some of these islands that also give a ton of EXP.

These super bosses have a ton of health, and you can't tackle them alone at lower levels. Whenever one of these bosses spawn, a message appears on the screen telling you their location.

Do The Delivery Quest

On the starter island, you'll be able to see the NPC shown in the picture above right beside the port. This NPC gives you a barrel that can be delivered to the required location for five gems and a ton of player EXP. Once you get the barrel, an arrow will appear on top of it to show you the delivery location.

It's important to note that you can only do one delivery quest every 30 minutes. Also, if you die by any means when the barrel is in your hand, it gets canceled and you can't get another quest for the next 30 minutes.

The EXP provided by this quest increases according to your player level. While the gems and Beli make it worth doing this quest no matter what level you are, it gives a particularly high advantage up to level 800.

Pumpkin Quest Is Good For Beginners

If you're a new player who has just started playing Project New World, the pumpkin quest is likely one of your best options to level up quickly. You can take this quest from the NPC shown in the picture above by finding her at the top of the starter island. She's near the Bandit Boss on a higher level.

This quest gives a flat 8000 EXP and $1000 Beli no matter what level you are on, so it's not that good if you're over level 100. Although, you can do this quest once every five minutes, making it worthwhile for newer players.

Keep A Lookout For Double XP Codes

Finally, it wouldn't be a Roblox game if it didn't get a code for free goodies occasionally. The developers announce new codes on some updates after reaching a certain amount of likes on the Roblox page. Some of these codes can give you a double EXP boost for a certain amount of time.

Unlike other games, you can't select when you want to use this EXP boost on Project New World. So, make sure you redeem the code when you can grind the game out.

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