Roblox: How To Get Death Step In Blox Fruits

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  • Dark Step
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Blox Fruit is a One Piece inspired Roblox game that lets you explore the open seas in search of blox fruits. While exploring, you will also be able to learn new fighting styles to help you take down anyone that stands in your way.

Death Step is a fighting style that involves using your legs to do a majority of your attacks. In this guide, we are going to go over how to get Death Step, as well as the benefits of this fighting style. First, let's take a look at what you need to do to get Death Step.

Dark Step

Prior to getting Death Step, you will first need to have Dark Step. This is essentially a basic version of Death Step that you can learn from the Dark Step Teacher. The Dark Step Teacher can be found at the following locations.

  • Pirate Village
  • Hot and Cold Island
    • In the Second Sea
  • Castle on the Sea
    • In the Third Sea
    • Once you find the teacher, you will need to pay $150,000 to get Dark Step. Dark Step is fairly easy to obtain, due to its location and relatively low price. Death Step, on the other hand, is harder to obtain, so it may take you a while to get it once you get Dark Step.

      Dark Step Mastery

      After obtaining Dark Step, you will need to have a mastery of at least 400. This is a lot; to gain this much mastery, we recommend defeating bosses and large groups of enemies. This is a long process, but eventually, you will reach level 400 mastery.

      Money And Fragments

      Once you have Dark Step at level 400 mastery, you will need to obtain 2,500,000 Beli and 5,000 Fragments.

      Fragments can be obtained throughout the Second and Third Sea by defeating a variety of bosses, including Darkbeard and the Cake Prince. These are high-level raid bosses that may require several players to be defeated.

      You can also quickly buy Fragments with Robux.

      To get 2,500,000 Beli, you can complete quests as well as defeat enemies and bosses that appear. Almost everything will reward you with Beli, but you can increase the amount gained by using the 2x Beli Game Pass.

      Traveling To The Ice Castle

      Once you have all the currency needed, as well as Dark Step at mastery level 400, it's time to make your way to the Ice Castle located in the Second Sea. This large castle is easy to spot from a distance, as it towers in the sky and has ice chunks floating around it.

      When you enter the Ice Castle, you will see a locked door in the entrance hallway. Behind this door is the NPC that teaches Death Step, but you will need to first find the Library Key to get to the other side.

      The Ice Castle starts at level 1350.

      Obtaining The Library Key

      In the main room of the Ice Castle, you can find the Awakened Ice Admiral. This NPC is level 1,400, and has a small chance to drop the Library Key.

      If the Awakened Ice Admiral does not drop the Library Key, you can fight against him again 20 minutes after he is last defeated.

      Overall, the chance of getting the Library Key is fairly low, at around ten percent.

      Speaking With Phoeyu

      Now that you have the Library Key, you can enter the locked door. Inside, you will find Pheoyu who will teach you Dark Step if you have met all the requirements.

      After unlocking the door, Pheoyu will also appear at the Castle on the Sea. If you don't have the material to get Death Step, you can visit the Castle on the Sea at a later time to obtain it.

      Death Step Abilities

      Let's take a look at the four abilities you will have access to with Death Step. Below, you can find each move, along with a description and required mastery.

      MoveDescriptionMastery Needed
      Rocket Kick
      • Dash forward and kick an enemy backwards
      Wind Blast
      • Kick into the air and make a 'wind bullet'
      • The bullet will explode upon impact and deal AoE damage
      Vermillion Drill
      • Kick quickly several times, with a final axe-kick
      Devil Flames
      • This will catch your legs on fire, increasing the damage of all other attacks

      Although these attacks use your legs, this does not provide any unique buffs. Death Step is based on the fighting of Sanji from One Piece, who uses his legs to fight.

      Overall, Death Step is a powerful fighting style that has a pretty decent range. Additionally, this is one of the strongest fighting styles in the game, especially if you are using Devil Flames.

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