RIG’s First Customizable Wired Controller Available May 20

Those looking for a new, affordable controller for their Xbox might be in luck. RIG announced new additions to its PRO like of console accessories. A new wired compact controller will offer the option to change button maps and sensitivity for a cool $50. Releasing alongside the controller will be a selection of PRO headsets made for all major gaming platforms.

The RIG PRO Compact will come in white and black and will work with Xbox One, Series X|S, and Windows 10 PCs. The big selling point RIG is pushing is the Dolby Atmos function for connected headphones. The company boasts that this is the first time a gaming controller will have it. The PRO Compact is now available for onlinepre-order from GameStop, Walmart, and Target.

Speaking of headphones, RIG is also putting out several new pairs to go along with the controller. The RIG 500 PRO headsets go for a lightweight frame, and similar to the controller try to offer quality at a good price. The 500 PRO HC Gen 2 is now available at GameStop, and is built for multiple consoles and mobile gaming. Other variants specialized for specific consoles and PC will come out on May 20.

Last up is the RIG 700 PRO. These come in at a higher price, $119.99, and go for a more premium experience on Xbox and PlayStation. They’re available now as GameStop exclusives.

Of course the big question is, are any of the accessories worth it? Stay tuned to TheGamer for our reviews of the new RIG PRO items. For now, you can learn more on the official RIG channels.

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