Returnal: What Are Datacubes, And How Do You Get Them?

After defeating Returnal’s first boss, Phrike, in the Overgrown Ruins, you will find a Datacube. This mysterious item is very useful, as it will help you unlock more items for future runs.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Datacubes, including how to get more of them and where to turn them in.

What Are Datacubes In Returnal?

Datacubes are rare items that allow you to unlock more items for the loot pool. Each Datacube will have a corresponding Consumable. When you turn in the Datacube, this item will become available during your future runs on Atropos.

This is similar to Cthonos, the living statue that you encounter near the crashed ship at the start of each run. The main difference is that Cthonos costs three Ether, whilst Datacubes require you to survive a boss battle before you can turn them in.

  • You can only carry one Datacube at a time in Returnal

So if you find one, aim to turn it in quickly. If you find a second Datacube before you get to turn the first one in, you will have to leave one of them behind.

Where Do You Turn In Datacubes In Returnal?

Datacubes can be turned in using Datacube Processor machines. These are usually found after completing a boss fight. For example, when you defeat Phrike, the Datacube Processor will show up on your map. Head over to it and interact with the machine to insert a Datacube.

These machines appear after each boss fight, so you don’t need to worry if you find one in a later biome. Kill that area’s main boss and you will be able to deposit your Datacube. Of course, this isn’t a simple task. Returnal’s boss battles can be extremely tough, so you’ll need to prepare yourself for a frenetic contest.

How To Find More Datacubes In Returnal

The first Datacube in Returnal will be found after defeating Phrike. However, others won’t be so simple. You will have to explore every nook and cranny of Atropos to find more Datacubes.

There are secret areas hidden all over the planet. Look for side paths, shielded doorways, grapple points, and anything else that strikes you as odd. If you see glowing yellow lights on the floor, investigate these too. As you walk on top of them, you will fall through the floor and enter a hidden chamber. You can even find Datacubes hidden in these underground sections.

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