Respawn Nerfing The Bocek Bow And Spitfire In Apex Legends

Two patches are inbound for Apex Legends later today regarding Season 9’s brand new weapon – the Bocek Bow – and the never-before touched LMG, the Spitfire.

Players have been voicing feedback en masse regarding the Bocek Bow. These comments vary from it triggering epilepsy and sparkalaphobia (a fear of glitter) to it doling out too much damage at too long a range. For now, there’s no fix on the former, but the devs have made a note of it and so it’s likely to be worked on in a future update.

For now, the max charge body shot damage has been decreased from 70 to 60 while the charge up time is now 0.56 seconds rather than 0.54. Deadeye’s Tempo charge up has also been increased to 0.38 seconds as opposed to 0.32. Finally, the stack size has been lowered to 14 from 16 with an inventory slot count decrease to 28. That should make it a little less overpowered in the right hands.

As for the Spitfire, in its first-ever patch, the damage per bullet has been decreased from 19 to 18 while the mag size for purple/gold-tier has been reduced from 55 to 50. It’s a small change, but those few bullets and that one slither of damage could make all the difference in a ‘high-octane’ gunslinging match in the final, cramp, and tightening circle.

Some other little fixes launched earlier, however, as the update is being rolled out in two parts. The weapon alterations will be released later, while for now, with the new update, problems such as the error that stopped players from logging in have been addressed.

Arena matches also end when no players are left on the enemy team. Valkyrie’s passive will no longer highlight players who are dead or spectating. Bloodhound cannot see tracking markers for Valkyrie while she jet packs and various stability fixes have been implemented. Make what you can with the Bocek Bow before its nerf, because there’s not long left.

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