Resident Evil Reboot Movie Is Officially Coming Out In September

The Resident Evil reboot movie is haunting theaters in early September. Unlike the previous live-action films, the reboot should adhere much closer to the games’ storyline. The story will take place in Raccoon City, with Spencer Mansion as one of its main locales. Filming wrapped up back in December.

The untitled Resident Evil reboot is hitting theaters on September 3, 2021. We previously heard a possible September 9 date via the movie’s production company website. The month was accurate, but we’ll get to see what should be tense zombie action six days earlier.

With filming complete and a concrete release date for later this year, hopefully it won’t be too long before a trailer is released. One of the biggest questions is how exactly the story will play out. The first Resident Evil game saw a special team of agents realize something terrible happened at Spencer Mansion, while Resident Evil 2 showed the effect of the deadly T-virus on a populated city. There’s a lot of great content from the first two games to use, although it’s unclear which way the narrative will lean.

Love or hate them, there’s no denying the live-action Resident Evil films were far different from the source material. There’s nothing inherently wrong with diverging, but fans no doubt want to see a more faithful adaptation. The story of Resident Evil is quite in-depth, with memorable characters, scares, and settings. If the film can deliver the unease of exploring a place filled with dangers lurking at different corners, it will be unforgettable. The only thing that can make us even more excited is if Mr. X is confirmed to appear, complete with his iconic look from the Resident Evil 2 remake.

2021 is certainly a good year for Resident Evil. In addition to the Hollywood reboot, Resident Evil Village is hitting consoles this May. The latest installment in the series is highly anticipated, taking the scares to a European village complete with werewolf-like creatures and a vampire who has taken the internet by storm.

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