Resident Evil: How To Get Every Ending In The 2002 Remake

Survival Horror has come a long way since the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation 1. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine’s descent into the Arklay Mansion was filled with tension unlike anything the medium had seen, juggling tight resource management with puzzle-esque level design that requires a keen eye for detail.

The original Resident Evil still holds up remarkably well as a piece of video game history, but it’s arguably outdone in every sense by its 2002 remake. Formally a GameCube exclusive, the Resident Evil Remake amplified the survival horror by expanding the mansion, increasing unlockables, and featuring even more endings.

Jill: Bad

Due to the non-linear nature of the Resident Evil Remake, there are multiple ways to trigger each character’s set of endings. To get Jill’s Bad Ending, both Barry Burton and Chris Redfield need to die and remain unrescued respectively. Barry’s death can be marked roughly midway through the game.

Prior to the Lisa Trevor boss fight, Barry will give Jill his Magnum. If Jill never gets the gun back, Barry will be killed in a cutscene during the battle (worth keeping in mind Lisa can still kill him if Jill gives Barry his gun back, but doesn’t defeat the boss quick enough). Barry can also be brought all the way to the final battle, where he can be killed by the Super Tyrant.

Leaving Chris unrescued requires neglecting the MO Disks completely. Simply complete the Laboratory without ever checking in on Chris’ cell and – as long as Barry is dead or dying – players will be guaranteed to get Jill’s worst ending: a solitary Helicopter ride back to Raccoon City.

Chris: Bad

Similar to Jill’s Bad Ending, Chris’ Bad Ending requires players to beat the main game without rescuing Jill Valentine or keeping Rebecca Chambers alive. The same as with Chris in Jill’s playthrough, the MO Disks can be comfortably ignored – guaranteeing Jill’s imprisonment in the Laboratory.

Like Barry, Rebecca can die during the final battle against the Super Tyrant, but she can also be killed off earlier into the game. Once Hunters have been introduced into the Spencer Mansion, head up to the Reading Room on the second floor to find Rebecca being attacked by a Hunter. So long as Chris takes his time taking out the Hunter, Rebecca will have her throat slit and die on the spot. Just like in Jill’s worst ending, Chris escapes the Mansion solo.

Jill: Barry

Considered an alternative good or bad ending depending on the context, both Jill and Chris can escape the mansion without rescuing each other while making sure their partners get out alive. Keeping the S.T.A.R.S. all-stars locked up is easy enough, but keeping Barry alive in Jill’s playthrough can prove challenging. For starters, Jill can’t hold onto his Magnum all game, or else Barry will die fighting Lisa.

Beyond that, Barry can die anyways if players take too long finishing the boss fight. If Barry survives the battle with Lisa Trevor, he also needs to be kept alive during the fight against the Super Tyrant (though this is considerably easier since most of its attention should be on Jill to begin with). As the two fly off together, Barry reflects about his wife and daughter while Jill assures herself that Chris is still alive.

Chris: Rebecca

Chris’ playthrough in the original Resident Evil was notably harder than Jill’s as his guns were generally weaker and he had less inventory space. This is completely flipped in the Remake as Chris has several subtle gameplay fixtures that make his campaign easier: one of which being how simple it is to keep Rebecca alive.

Unlike Barry who needs to survive through two full boss fights (one of which poses a real risk of him dying no matter what), Rebecca just needs to be saved from the Hunter in the Reading Room and then kept alive through the final battle. So long as Jill is left in her cell, Chris and Rebba will fly off together as the former tries to make some sense of the nightmare they just experienced.

Jill: Chris

At the end of the day, Jill and Chris’ goal is to find and save each other. As was the case in the original Resident Evil, players can rescue their S.T.A.R.S. partner while neglecting to keep their actual in-game partner alive. In Jill’s case, players are better off letting Lisa Trevor kill Barry by never giving him his gun back – that way Jill has a Magnum for the rest of the playthrough.

To rescue Chris, players need to find all three MO Disks in the game. The first can be found by placing the Yellow Gemstone inside of the Tiger Statue Room, the second is on a desk in the Laboratory Stairwell, and the last is stashed away on a shelf in the Visual Data Room. Use the three MO Disks to free Chris and he’ll fly away with Jill at the end of the game. For a slightly alternate ending, bring Barry all the way to the final battle and let him die against the Super Tyrant.

Chris: Jill

The same case as with Jill, Chris needs to find all three MO Disks in order to rescue her while also allowing Rebecca to die – either during her confrontation with the Hunter or during the final boss. Like with Barry, where Rebecca dies slightly changes the ending cutscene (though in no way particularly significant).

It’s worth pointing out that Chris and Jill’s endings where they save one another are completely identical for both characters: Jill rests her head on Chris’ shoulders while he looks off into the distance, leaving the mansion behind them. Whether or not the mansion explodes in the end is dependent on where exactly Rebecca died.

Best Ending

The criteria for the best ending is the same for bother Chris and Jill: their partner needs to survive to the very end of the game (along with the Super Tyrant confrontation) and the other playable character must be rescued with all three MO Disks. Barry and Chris will help Jill during the final battle, while Rebecca and Jill help Chris out in his playthrough.

Interestingly, neither ending is actually canon since Rebecca doesn’t exist in Jill’s playthrough and Barry is implied to already be dead in Chris’. Canonically, all four characters escape on the helicopter together – an event that simply isn’t possible in any version of Resident Evil (remake or otherwise). Regardless, both Best Endings brings out Resident Evil Remake to a fitting and somber close, allowing the survivors of the Arklay Mansion a brief respite before their lives are forever changed.

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